Removing Wallpaper

Lets talk about the subject everyone hates, removing wallpaper.


taking off wallpaper

taking off wallpaper

For this job you will need some plastic drop sheets, a pump spray unit, roller and tray, and a wire brush. 

Using Bleach To Clean Outside

pressure cleaning gold coast

pressure cleaning with dilution of soft wash chemicals

The use of bleach in pressure washing

The Ultimate House Wash


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The Use of Bleach in Pressure Washing

One of the most asked questions as a pressure washing contractor is about the use of bleach when pressure washing a house.

Process on painting a room

All my life I have grown up around paint.  My dad was a painter and my grandfather was a painter. I’ve painted a few hundred homes over the years and  I hope I can share some easy advice if your wanting to do it yourself.   

Can you paint walls with flat paint

Normally walls and flat paints do not go together in the same sentence. Most wall paints need to be durable and cleanable if marked or lightly scuffed.

Commercial make good painting

We are experts in make good properties at the end of you lease. We have worked with all site access issues and are happy to have flexible timelines.

Gold Coast Line Marking

This is a shot from some line marking at a retirement complex.  You can see we closed off one side of the road to give vehicles one way access while we were line marking.  

Adhesive Drop Sheets

Here we are using adhesive drop sheets to protect a very expensive carpet.  This ensures that no one kicks a drop sheet off the carpet area.  

Interior Commercial Painting Gold Coast

Here are some images from our latest factory fit out or commercial painting project.

This commercial factory on the Gold Coast was painted inside using Resene paints.  

Factory Painting Exterior

Here is a really cool before and after image of a factory on the Gold Coast.  Before and after painting.  The results are amazing and give the businesses inside a real lift for potential customers arriving at the factories.

Exterior House Render Painting

Here is an example of external render painting to a house that should not be effected by efflorescence any time soon.