Painting: Paint Brush or Sprayer?

Paint Brush for house paintingMany people have this confusion before they paint their homes that which of the two would be the best for the finish – Brush or the sprayer?

Interior and Exterior Painters for Home

Interior and Exterior Painters for HomeBefore you select the right painter for your home, you need to keep few pointers in mind. There is a huge difference between every painter’s skills and abilities when it comes to the real world scenario.

How to Clean Your Painted Surfaces

Home decoration, painted wall cleaning Gold CoastCleaning the paint on the walls and ceilings is quite an easy process if done in a right manner. However, you need to keep certain points in mind before you begin the process to ensure, that you are posing no damage to the finish of the paint.

Points To Keep In Check While Painting

Right Paint and Colour for Your Home

Getting the house painted is a very important step and you need to be sure of few points before you start with the process.

How to Select the Right Paint and Colour for Your Home


When it comes to painting the home in your favourite shade, then you have loads of varieties of paints to choose from.

House Painting Tips and Painting Techniques

House Painting Tips

Painting the house can be fun if done in a right manner. Many commercial painters suggest getting the house painted once in 5 years to maintain the look on the outer walls.

Which Paintbrush Should You Use To Paint?

paintbrushes for your house painting needAre you deciding to paint your house and looking the market to shop for paintbrushes? You need to keep few points in mind before you buy the right paintbrush for your painting needs.

How to Paint the Ceiling of Your House

Painting the Ceiling of Your HouseThere is no need to call in the expert painter if you want to paint the ceiling of your house. It can be done by following few easy steps and you can do it by yourself at home.

How to Wash Interior Painted Walls

Washing Interior Painted WallsCleaning and maintaining the interior walls of our home is something we often neglect and they get too dirty over period of time.