Spray Painting Cornice

It does not matter if you have ornate cornice in your home or just plain, we can easily repaint with our airless spray system.

Painting Window Sill


How Professional Painting Increases the Life of Your Paint Coats


Painting the house needs to be done in a right way in order to have longer life of the coats that you have applied on the wall.

Sealing, Colouring or Painting Concrete Driveways

Here is an image from a recently sealed and re coloured concrete stenciled driveway.  We have been doing these for years and understand the types of sealer and re colouring paints to be used so your driveway will look great for years to come.

Spray finished interior doors

When we can we love to spray finish interior doors.  The level of finish provided by a spray gun is much higher than what most painters will achieve with a brush and roller.

Exterior Painting Patios and Plastering

Here is an image of a rear patio area we have completely painted to match in with the existing work on a Gold Coast residence.

Exterior Timber Restoration

Here we have a really good image of what our exterior timber restoration service can provide.  This is not the cheap, easy solutions, but it is the permanent and best way to treat the timber around your home.

Some Exterior Painting Tips to Keep In Mind


Getting a home painted is a dream project for many people and before you start with the painting of your house, you have to keep some of the pointers in mind, to ensure that you are getting superb finish on the walls.

Why Professional Painting Services Are Lot Better Than DIY

Painting Wall

Worongary Commercial painters

It is a universal truth that the kind of finish you are going to get from a professional painter, is going to be a lot better than the finish that you are going to paint the walls with when you are painting by yourself.

When To Get The House Painted?


Before you decide to give your house a new coat of paint, you need to make sure that you are doing it at the time when it is needed the most.