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How to Freshen up the Interior of your Home with the Paint Brush

It is very common to see homeowners get bored of their interiors; often people need to spruce things up and give their home a fresh new look.

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Whether to Paint Before or After Moving into a New House?

Are you moving into a new house? You must be having a number of tasks to consume your time: planning, shopping, packing, organizing, completing paperwork, changing your address with your bank and a lot more.

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Use These Tips to Find a Painter You Can Trust

Many people have really tough time finding a reliable Painter Gold Coast. Painters don’t answer their phones, never show up on time, delay project and overall just frustrate customers.

Exterior Painting Garage Doors

We get asked quite a lot about one area of the garage doors that we dont paint.  Take a quick look at this video about painting garage doors and why we dont paint the leading edges of the panels on these style of doors.

Exterior painting Sovereign Island

This is a bit of a grainy video of a house we had painted in Sovereign Island runaway Bay.  Massive amounts of molding detail on this project.  

High Pressure Cleaning Before Painting

So many times we quote on painting jobs and the other painters say they will clean down the work area themselves with a pressure cleaner.  

Can you spray paint ornate cornice moldings

Here is a quick video of me spraying a large cornice mold inside a house.  Yes you can spray them but it is not a DIY style application.  

Painting a bedroom black

Ever wondered about what a black bedroom would look like painted.  Well wonder no more.  Here is a short video of a black painted bedroom with wallpaper as the feature.  

Some of our work on video

Sometimes we bring out the video camera at work!  One of a spectacular main bedroom repaint on a house on Sovereign Island and the other of Kerin painting away!

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