How to Get Rid of Paint Smells

One of the most old-fashioned ways to make your house come alive is to paint it with the right colors and design.


How Beach Conditions Affect Your Paint

Living close to the beach is one of the best deals you can get as far having where to stay is concerned.


How To Select The Best Painting Contractor

You probably have a property that you are about to put out for sale, but you want to increase the value of that property by having it painted.


Hottest Interior Paint Colors of 2018

Are you looking for some hottest interior paint for your house? We Painters Gold Coast are painting expert and will introduce some hottest interior paint that you can consider.


Dark Paint Trending In Interior Design

Having the dark interior for house is the best way to boost the appearance of your interior space. If you’re planning to opt dark paint interior design, being an expert we, at Painters Gold Coast, are sharing some key tips that you must consider if you’re choosing dark interior for your house.


Four Fun Decorative Painting Techniques

It is possible for you to apply a single color of paint to your walls and you will still have a beautiful bedroom.

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Four Painting Shortcuts That Will Cost You Long-term

You have a big painting task to accomplish, and it appears as if you are running out of time because of other engagements.


Commercial Painting: More Than Just Pretty Walls

Being a commercial property owner, you can find maintenance of your property as one of the most crucial tasks. Well, it’s necessary that your building must look at its best, but you can’t overlook the importance of its functionality.


Best-Kept Secrets Of Professional Painters

Most of us can do pretty well with painting jobs, but we miss the professional touch at some stages. So, We at Painters Gold Coast are sharing some best-kept secrets that experts will never share with you.


How to Evaluate Painting Proposals

Sometimes it can be a tricky task trying to single out the best painting proposal from a pack of many. You need to ensure the right pick when going through a host of proposals otherwise all your effort would amount to a complete waste of time.