Painter for a day assistance

Over the last 4 days we have been helping a lovely lady that had started a painting project at home.painter for a day

After doing one toilet and half a bedroom she decided she needed some professional painting help.

Choosing a Colour Scheme For the Gold Coast.

How to make the right colour choices for your home.

1. The first step is to help familiarize yourselves with the colour ranges and hues available.

Going Green and why should we do it

What is Low VOC Paint?

When it comes to the painting the inside of their homes, homeowners are often preoccupied with picking out the perfect color and finish for each room.

The colour my painter is using does not look like my colour swatch

Colour is a funny thing. What you think you see is not always what is there. Depending on its use, surroundings and context, colour can change dramatically.

Resene Paints why we use their products?

For our customers past and future I have written an article on why we choose the paint that we do for your home.