Gone are the days when girls’ rooms were painted pink and blue was used to paint boys’ rooms. And it is such a relief because finally after so many years, this typical rule of blue and pink is no longer used when decorating younger ones’ rooms. Today, the color possibilities for creating inspiring and fun rooms for your kid to enjoy are limitless.


These days parents want their kid’s playroom and bedroom to be a reflection of who they are, at the same time they want the décor or interior to be flexible enough to grow and adapt as they grow. Designing an area that suffices these needs can feel complicated though, which is why we have collected some of our favorite painting ideas for creating a child friendly room in your home.


Neutral wall colors that will grow with them

Just because now your kid wants walls of his room to be very intense, doesn’t mean you should go with his choice. You must consider painting their walls in a neutral color like light beige, white or gray. For his brighter color choices, you can consider including furnishings or art works of the same color in his room. You can include your kid’s brightly colored artwork and give them a choice of bedding or other décor to make their room look colorful and vibrant.


Accent wall of favorite color

For sure, if you are okay allowing your child choose a color or two for his room’s walls, an accent wall is a great choice. One wall in neon green or purple is a lot more palatable and easier to change as compared to complete room.


Go for stripes

One of the simplest ways to include a fun pattern in your kid’s room is through stripes. You can create stripes using painters tape. If your kid has a particular choice in wall color then consider creating tone on tone stripes on one or all walls. You can also choose two combinating colors for the same.


Choosing your finish

Irrespective of whether you like glossy paint finishes or not, they are the best interior paint finishes for kid’s spaces. You seek something that will hold up to fingerprints, crayons and everything else your kid might throw on them. Finishes like semi-gloss or satin from a high-quality paint brush will be durable as well as washable.


Low VOCs

When it comes to chemicals in your home, it is recommended to choose eco-friendly options especially for your little one’s room. Look for a paint brand with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to ensure their safety and well-being.


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