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Every home has its beauty and grace. But with years of use come a number of popular issues like wear and tear. If your walls have started to look old and dirty and you just don’t want to get them painted now, then you must think about the cleaning routine and polish those walls back to their real magnificence.

In homes where there are kids and pets, some instances are very common. Like kids come home after having a great time at playground with dirty hands and dirty up your hall walls or your Labrador is getting a little excited around the living room. But, you must not sweat about these things because with a little love, you can keep your home in great shape for years to come. Here are some tips on how to clean your painted walls.

  • Keep the situation under control

If your walls are recently painted, be careful and give your walls proper time of minimum 2 weeks to set fully. Once the finish sets fully, little preventive care can help you protect your wall from staining in the first place and a regular cleaning can go a long way. Including a little bit of paint maintenance into your daily home cleaning schedule can save you some major work in the long run and keep your walls looking bright.

You can use your vacuum cleaner with soft-brush attachment. Vacuum the walls gently with the brush to clean any major buildup of dust. After that, wipe them down softly with a clean dusting rag to clean the smaller particles. As you notice smudges and fingerprints on your walls, ensure to clean them straight away by moping them with a clean, a little damp rag. But, if you see serious grime on the walls, then full washing can help.

  • Washing painted walls

Painted walls can be cleaned. There are products available in the market that help you clean smudges and scuffs. You can also use water to clean your painted walls. If stains seem stubborn, consider using a mild dish detergent, and a sponge. This method is especially effective for cleaning spots of water in a bathroom.

Avoid using any moist cleaning wipes as they contain bleach which can damage your paint and leave streaks. You can use bleach free wipes.

Make sure you don’t use water near any electrical connections. Safety is very important and you must be careful.

  • When cleaning doesn’t seem to help

Keeping your walls dirt and smudge free will help you keep your home looking aesthetically pleasing and allow you to keep patching, repainting and repair to a minimum. But, if your walls are now impossible to clean and you can’t do anything to return them to their original splendor, then it is time you contact best painters in Gold Coast. If you see excessive chipping or discoloration then it is time to get the walls painted.

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Stephen Lockyer
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