Paint manufactures specifications

We emphasize on preparation work because we understand its importance in ensuring the smoothness and shine of painted walls. Whether there are any cracks or nail holes or the paint is all chipped and cracked, we give proper time to resolve these issues and repair the wall surface to give it a plain and smooth look. The smoothness of walls not just ensures a great final result but the lesser quantity of paint is used and our team of house painters is able to complete their work fast.


 We know a number of painters who claim to complete the painting job in 2 days or 3 days, and the strange thing is that people find it to be a good thing and hire their services looking at the quick turnaround. But a number of people come to us later complaining about the poor uneven look and dull finish. All these things are a result of such quick painting services, where not proper time is not given for the wall surface preparation.


So, if you want to avoid any such issue and don’t want to end up wasting your time and money, then it is recommended that you hire a team of the best interior and exterior painters like Repaint Pro.


Painters Gold Coast specializing in interior and exterior house and commercial painting. Painting on the Gold Coast. Family owned and run business since 1943. Painters on the Gold Coast

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  • Best quality paints available
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  • 20 years of experience in residential painting
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Painter Gold Coast

Painter Gold Coast

Painter Gold Coast, if you want a ceiling, wall, door, or whole home painting inside, please call us. We would love to chat about quoting on your project on the Gold Coast.


Your home or Gold Coast business is one of the most valuable things you can own, it should be treated that way, looked after, maintained and your investment will remain strong. We would love to have the opportunity to provide a free quote on your next project or small domestic/residential renovation. Painting homes is what we do and we do it very well!

  • Units interior painting.
  • Interior and Exterior House painting
  • Commercial fit-outs
  • Floors, garage, and factory
  • Feature Walls
  • Faux finishes
  • Wallpaper
  • Timber decks

With all of our interior painting projects, we treat your home like our own from start to finish. With the utmost respect for your belongings, pets, and security.

Before we take any paint from the car we protect your furniture and flooring with plastic and canvas drop sheets. We will never use drop sheets on your furniture as they can contain dust. We use brand new plastic drop sheets every time.


Our preparation work is always in line or exceeds the paint manufactures specifications.


The paint you are quoted for is the one we bring to the job. We always use premium lines of Resene/Dulux or Taubmans paints. We don’t use trade lines and you always get the best available for the application.


We will work to your deadlines and deliver results for every customer.


We are ready to give you a competitive quote on your painting project, just call us.