You can Google and YouTube all day and still not have the peace of mind from discussing your project for your own home and the job relevant information required to complete it like a professional. Steve Lockyer

Paint your house like a pro with our DIY Assistance services Are you considering to start a DIY home painting without employing the assistance of a team of professional house painters in Gold Coast? Well, thanks good! But do you have what it needs to perform this job in a perfect way? You might belong to that group of people who think all one needs to do a house painting job is some paint and a brush. If you really think this way, then you are certainly mistaken. So, don’t start painting your home with a brush and paint expecting it would turn out to be successful.

The fact is that to carry out your home painting job successfully, you will need more than these. You need to follow a proper approach and use particular tools in order to complete the job in an ideal manner. But, there’s nothing to be worried about, we are here with are effective and really helpful DIY Assistance services to help DIY home renovators. With our DIY Assistance services you can have an excellent task achieved. DIY Assistance services as the name suggests are services, in which we help individuals of Gold Coast and surrounding areas, complete their painting work effectively. We guide you about the complete painting project, help you choose the right paints, suggest painting tools that can best help you complete your job fast and right.

We being experienced and skilled painters in Gold Coast not only use our experience and skills for our painting projects but also help individuals who are keen to paint their house or commercial property on their own. Repaintpro’s DIY Assistance services are one of its kinds. Now DIY renovators and painters can get the professional’s touch of perfection at DIY prices. With this service of ours, you not only learn how to paint your home but you are also able to save on labor. We send some of the best and expert painters from our team to help you on your renovation and teach you the right way to paint your house, so not only this time but every time you decide to paint your house, you can do it yourself very easily.

This is what you get by hiring our DIY Assistance services:
  • Specific on site instruction from a professional painter
  • Onsite consultation is only $120 with 15% off painting products purchased thru our corporate partner Resene paints (they even deliver to your door!)
  • Advice on appropriate painting products to suit your project needs
  • Advice on right and easy to use tools required to complete the job perfectly
  • Advice on correct preparation and procedures
  • Advice on correct roller nap to suit the paints you choose for your home painting job
  • Advice on correct brush size and quality to tackle the job at hand
  • Advice on the exact way from start to finish
  • Saving on all painting products when using our corporate partner (even delivered to your door) You could save our consultation fee in purchasing the wrong products or in purchase cost alone
  • You get peace of mind knowing that you’re doing the job the way a professional painter would
  • Optional 30 day phone support for extra peace of mind
  • Call us now to take the time and stress out of your DIY painting project.
  • You could save almost the entire consultation fee on your paint purchase, how great is that!
  • 30 day phone assistance for only $20 extra

We will assist you through the complete DIY painting renovation work. Our DIY Assistance services are intended as an alternative to hiring an interior and exterior painter Gold Coast to do the work for you. Irrespective of your skill levels Repaintpro can assist fill in the gaps so you can reach your DIY project goals.

Our DIY Assistance team can provide as little or as much help that you need to ensure perfect interior of your house. After visiting the project site to assess your project and requirements, Repaintpro can suggest a work and assistance arrangement that meets your project needs and budgetary levels. The sole purpose of our DIY Assistance services is to allow homeowners to take on the DIY project with confidence that you are working on the right direction. A professional resource by your side can actually make the task easier and fast.

DIY projects definitely help you add a personal touch to the complete décor and look of the house and by seeking professional help; you can also ensure professional finish. Also, DIY projects are often satisfying because you personally invest in the craftsmanship of the job and there is a sense of accomplishment too. By hiring our expert assistance, you can also ensure durability and longevity. Individuals who want to change the color of their walls in order to add sheen and gloss, but finding professional painting services Gold Coast too hefty, then our DIY Assistance services are just right for you.

We ensure you that you can’t learn as much as by YouTube and Google, as you can by our contractors. So, look no further and get in contact with us now to start your DIY project fast and complete it with finesse and dexterity. We guarantee you best competitive pricing so look no further and drop us a line now.