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Are you looking for a house painter or commercial building painter in Burleigh Waters? Are you needing a fresh look on the exterior or in the interior of your homes or business? Well Repaintpro is the company for you.


Repaintpro is a family owned business that has been working on the Gold Coast repainting houses and commercial building in Burleigh Waters for over 20 years now. All of our customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality of work we put into our jobs. Where you live in Burleigh Waters or where your business is located isn’t an issue for the team here at Repaintpro we can come to you and help you with all your repainting needs.


Some of the things we excel best in are; helping you choose a colour scheme for your house, doing feature walls around your business or in your home, repainting the entire exterior of your house or commercial building or repainting the interior of your commercial building or house.


Burleigh Waters – 4220


Burleigh Waters has become a modern waterfront living area. It is very popular with home owners that are attracted to the relaxed beachfront lifestyle. With these divine houses and businesses so close to the beaches it is important you have the right paint protection, so the paint does flake off as easy. The sand and sea water mist can get under your paint job and cause it to lift.

There are many different aged homes in Burleigh Waters. There are some that are brand new because they have been knocked down or renovated to fit in with the worlds ever changing style. Then there are some that are 25 years old, if you have a house that you think it a bit outdated and needs a new look Repaintpro can help you keep up to date with all the new styles that occur during the years.


There many retail facilities that can be found in and around Burleigh Waters. You have the Burleigh Town Marketplace, and Robina Shopping Centre and Pacific Fair. There are also little cafes and other little shops in and around Burleigh Waters. If you own a business in Burleigh Waters and think it needs to be repainted give Repaintpro a call or an email and we can come out and help you recreate your commercial building.


There is a growing number of families that are coming to Burleigh Waters because of the amazing scenery. This also means that schools will need to go in. There is both a public and private school already. Here at Repaintpro we can work around the school hours to repaint any school if you need it. This offer to work around school hours will mean that you don’t have to close class rooms during the day and the class room should almost be ready to go the next day.


It can be one of the most difficult things to find the right painting company. To make things a little easier here are some helpful tips that you can use:


  • Ask the company for references to other jobs they have done.
  • Look at their reviews online to see if they meet your standards.
  • Ask other people you know have used the same company before to see if they would recommend them.


So, if you live or work in Burleigh Waters and need you house or business to be repainted just give Repaintpro a call or an email and we can come out and quote your job for free.


Planning to redecorate your home is not only about changing the decor of the rooms or adding more rooms. There are several things you can do to your home that can be categorized under home remodelling. One of the simplest and most economical ways to give your home a facelift is to change the exterior and interior paint. In addition, Repaint Pro is here to make your next painting project a success. We are one of the leading and reputed names in Burleigh Waters for home and commercial painting. We are backed by over 20 years of experience and have been providing comprehensive painting services to people of all Burleigh Waters and surrounding areas.


Whether you are looking for commercial painters in Burleigh Waters or you are looking for a team of painters that can give the interior and exterior of your home an extraordinary and beautiful look, we are your one stop destination for all painting requirements. After spending 20 long years in the industry, we know exactly what is required to guarantee satisfactory results and make our clients happy. We specialize in various interior and exterior painting techniques, so no matter exactly what you want for the walls of room, we will be able to provide that very easily.


We know the importance of preparing the surfaces of walls before painting, so unlike other commercial painters in Burleigh Waters, we take proper time to prepare wall surface before painting, so smooth finish and enduring results are guaranteed. Still, you don’t have to worry about the pricing, because our services are very competitively priced and pocket friendly. You can also request a free no-obligatory quote.


So, hurry and contact us today!

Pocket Friendly


Interior and Exterior House PaintingBesides, when working with our team of painters in Gold Coast, you don’t have to hire contractors for timber work painting or painting floors, because our team of house painters can paint almost everything that according to you needs a fresh coat of paint. We paint decks, ceilings, walls, doors, door frames, timber work, render, textured ceilings and walls, block walls, brick walls, popcorn and vermiculite, garage floors and commercial line marking.


Unlike most of the commercial painters in Gold Coast, we also work according to our client’s time frames. This means if you want our team of exterior painters to paint to paint your home or home on weekends or after office hours on weekdays then we can easily plan our painting services according to your convenience. Also, we don’t charge any advance or deposit from our customers. This means you can pay once you have seen the quality of work and completely satisfied with the work done by our team.


We consider your home or office as our own and ensure that there are no spills or spots of paint on your flooring or furniture and the space is in ready to use condition without any mess or dirt.