Normally walls and flat paints do not go together in the same sentence. Most wall paints need to be durable and cleanable if marked or lightly scuffed.


Some issues with using low sheen paints on walls is they can show a multitude of sins in the plaster work or previous paint coatings.  Other occasions where low sheen paints can be an issue is large walls that are hard to keep a wet edge over while rolling.  Things like stairwells, two story internal walls and large walls running down to bright light coming in through windows can all be a problem. Painting Matt of low sheen can have it’s issues in these areas.


After starting to use Resene paints we found a totally flat paint that has the durability of a low sheen paint, its washable, and feels great.  Being able to use a flat waterborne enamel on walls can be such a blessing when your trying to get the best look form a hard to paint wall.


So the answer is yes you can use flat paint on interior walls, you just have to choose the right product.  I have even used this product on my own home walls.



Here is the extract from their product data sheet for people who like detail.  Here is the link to their site for Spacecoat range of products.

Cool Colour
waterborne enamel
Resene SpaceCote Flat is
designed to bring enamel style
toughness to broadwall areas,
allowing you to get a desirable flat
finish without sacrificing durability.
Very adaptable, it can also be
used on interior wet areas and
joinery and trim. Resene Cool
Colour technology performs
optimally on dark colours that are
the most susceptible to heat buildup.

Vehicle type
Dry time (minimum)
Recoat time (minimum)
Serviceable within
Primer required
Theoretical coverage
Dry film thickness
Usual no. of coats
Abrasion resistance
Chemical resistance
Heat resistance
Solvent resistance
Thinning and clean up
Physical properties
New generation acrylic
Titanium dioxide
Selected Resene Total Colour System, including
BS5252, Multi-Finish, Whites & Neutrals and The
45 minutes at 18°C
2 hours
12-48 hours depending on film thickness, tinter
levels and drying conditions
11 sq. metres per litre
37 microns at 11 sq. metres per litre
Very good
Water, in hot dry conditions may be thinned with up
to 5% Resene Hot Weather Additive
c. 55 grams per litre (see Resene VOC Summary)
Performance and limitations
Typical uses
• Block and brickwork
• Concrete
• Fibre cement
• G.R.C. panels
• Primed timber
• Solid plaster
Performance 1. Reflects heat improving the life of paint finish
and substrate and improving interior conditions
inside the painted structure.
2. Flat finish minimises the appearance of minor
surface defects.
3. Very durable, abrasion resistant finish that can
be easily cleaned. Ideal for GIB® ToughZone
4. Non-yellowing.
5. May be used wherever solventborne enamels
have traditionally been used.
6. Resene SpaceCote Flat may be applied over
Resene Quick Dry (see Data Sheet D45) or
directly over sound, clean old enamel surfaces.
7. Clean, spatter free application.
8. An Environmental Choice approved product.
Please ensure the current Data Sheet
and Safety Data Sheet are consulted
prior to specification or application of
product. If in doubt contact Resene.
Limitations 1. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C or
when it is liable to drop below 10°C during the
drying period.
2. Ensure the correct primers and/or sealers are
3. Due to waxes used in fibre and particle board it
is essential that Resene Quick Dry (see Data
Sheet D45) is used as the first coat on these
4. Although serviceable within 12-48 hours, full
print and solvent resistance takes 30 days to
develop. Please ensure the current Data Sheet is consulted prior to specification or application of Resene products.
If the surface you propose to coat is not referred to by this Data Sheet, please contact Resene for clarification.
In Australia
PO Box 785, Ashmore City, Queensland 4214
Call 1800 738 383, visit
or email
In New Zealand
PO Box 38242, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045
Call 0800 RESENE (737 363), visit
or email
Printed on environmentally responsible paper, which complies with the requirements of environmental management systems EMAS and ISO14001. Please recycle.
SpaceCote Flat CoolColourTM
waterborne enamel
Surface preparation
Clean down thoroughly to remove all dirt, dust and loose material. Ensure surface is free from oil, grease,
mould and release agents. Any timber that has been exposed to weather for more than one week requires
thorough sanding of the surface or treatment with Resene TimberLock (see Data Sheet D48).
If moss and mould are present, treat with Resene Moss & Mould Killer (see Data Sheet D80). Waterblasting
at 21,000 kps (3000 psi) is the best surface preparation method prior to painting weathered cementitious
surfaces or galvanised steel.
Prime as per the following:
Exterior timber
Resene Wood Primer (see Data Sheet D40) then a coat of Resene Quick Dry (see Data Sheet D45) for
optimal CoolColour effect.
Fibre board, particle board, Matai, Spotted Gum, Totara
Resene Quick Dry (see Data Sheet D45).
G.R.C, glossy concrete
Resene Quick Dry (see Data Sheet D45).
Leaking blockwork
Resene X-200 CoolColour (see Data Sheet D62C).
Sanding dust from old lead or chromate based paints or old building materials containing asbestos may be injurious to
the health if inhaled or ingested. Seek expert advice if the presence of these materials is suspected.
Apply by brush, speed brush, synthetic fibre roller (Resene No.1 roller) or spray. Thin with up to 5% Resene
Hot Weather Additive in hot, dry conditions to slow drying.
1. Prepare and prime as above.
2. Apply two coats of Resene SpaceCote Flat CoolColour in required colour allowing at least two hours
between coats. Some colours may require a third coat.
1. Prepare surface and spot prime as above.
2. Apply two coats of Resene SpaceCote Flat CoolColour in required colour allowing at least two hours
between coats. Some colours may require a third coat.
1. Ensure the correct primer and/or sealer is used.
2. Stop all nailholes and cracked timber after priming.
3. Allow putty to thoroughly harden before painting.
4. Allow Resene SpaceCote Flat CoolColour sufficient drying before putting into full service.
5. Serviceable within 12-48 hours depending on film thickness, tinter level and drying conditions.



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