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White is one of the most commonly used paint colors, and still it is also one of the most complicated to get right. If you have ever been to your local paint store searching for a basic white paint, you may have been stunned to find hundreds of swatches. How do you pick one that will look perfect in your home? In this blog post we will be discussing the world of undertones to assist you find your perfect white paint.


What is an Undertone?

Identifying the dominant tone of a color is simple. We easily classify colors into larger groups like white, blue, red and so on. But what when you line up many swatches of the same color? Let’s say we are looking at blue paint swatches. Collected in a group one blue looks bluer, one blue looks like a blue-red, and another looks black-blue. The subtle variations you see between these swatches are the color’s undertone.


Identifying undertones can be complicated, especially when you are looking at a single color swatch in isolation. Professional painting Gold Coast experts are usually experienced enough to distinguish the undertone of a color without comparing it to another.


Warm White vs. Cool White

One of the primary things you will see when you have a small collection of white paint samples is that some whites look cooler in color while others look warmer. Cooler whites usually have blue undertones. Warmer whites on the other hand have yellow undertone. The most difficult decision you will make with white paint is whether you warm a warm white or a cool white.


Generally, cool whites look very bright, and they make a perfect choice for modern spaces. The one thing that people usually dislike about cool whites is that they can make a space feel cold. If you wish to give your room a comfortable feel and make it look inviting, then a cool white probably is not the right choice. Warm whites have a creamy look. They make rooms feel very inviting and are usually recommended for older spaces.


Professional painting Gold Coast experts recommend that you test paint swatches in the room you are planning to paint. You must take into consideration that how does the color shifts in artificial light vs. natural light. There is no rule of thumb in decorating, but experts usually suggest that white is best suited for rooms with plenty of natural light.


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