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When choosing a paint color for the exterior of your home, it can be very daunting and scary. When choosing a paint color for the exterior of your home, it can be very difficult and challenging. Drab, boring colors will make your home look boring as well as washed out. Bold paint colors can be overwhelming and upset the complete neighborhood. The use of color is vital on the exterior, but choosing the right one can be a difficult task.


Color families

When picking colors, you can stay within some color family effectively, in order to avoid clashing your color choices. Like, you can choose the same family of greens or grays for the home without worrying about colors creating imbalance.


Balance the paint colors

If you get one part of your home painted with a bold color, you can actually make it look uneven. The colors should be balanced across the complete exterior of your home.


Light colors add size

For classic buildings, white is one of the most used colors. The White House is a great example of a traditional building that favors white. You don’t have to paint your home white, but off-white or cream can make it look larger. Use darker colors to add accents and highlight the shadowed areas of the home.


Emphasize the details

If your home has great architectural details, you should find a color combination that emphasizes them. Imposts, swirls, molding and brackets can be important details to emphasize on your home. Accent colors look great when they are used for sashes, moldings, doors and shutters.


Harmonize with the rest of the home

Between the roof, stone, brick or vinyl parts, there are numerous parts of the home that won’t be painted. When choosing a paint color ensure you are matching things that won’t be painted with the new colors in order to ensure that they don’t clash.


History of the home

An older home can be painted keeping the history of the home when it was made in mind. A professional painter can assist find the right colors according to the architecture and period of your house. Historic color charts can give you nice and effective ideas. Go for a simple color scheme on a home with a basic design.


It can be challenging to choose a house color as you will have to live with it until you can paint again. It is a color that will remain with your home for years, but it doesn’t have to be awful if you will keep above mentioned tips in mind when choosing the exterior paint.


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