Painting Your House

When it comes to giving your home a complete makeover, painting is the first choice for most of the people. However, you need to make sure that you are getting it done from a professional painter to avoid all the mistakes that might give you a bad finish of coat. There are many good Painters Gold Coast, that you can take help of, before getting your home painted. According to Clark, Painter Gold Coast, painting is not only the great way to revamp your home, but you can also use the process to make the room look cleaner and roomier. The look of the house can also be changed if you don’t like the shade and can make the look of the house according to the current trends in the market. Painting is also the best way to attract new buyers if you want to put the home up for sale. If you have planned to give you home a new shade of paint, you need to keep certain points in mind to avoid some of the most common mistakes. If you are new to painting, then it is highly recommended that you contact Painters Gold Coast to get the perfect job done. Here are some of the pointers that you must keep in mind.

1. Not Using Primer

This by far one of the most common mistakes people do. Many people avoid using the primer on the wall because they think it’s going to add an extra cost to the painting but trust us, it’s going to give you a lot better overall finish too. Primer acts like a glue to the wall and it keeps everything together. It makes the paint adhere to the wall surface and you have a choice to get dry wall primer and masonry primer. Primer also helps to show the true shades of the paint, as it gives the coat a right base. So even if it is going to cost you a little more, always make sure that you are adding up the primer to the walls before getting the paint done.

2. Brushing vs. Rolling

This is another dilemma many home owners face. If you haven’t painted a home before, then you must not try with the new procedures and must stick to appointing a professional painter for the job. Brushes are really handy and helpful for the corners of the walls. If you have a design element, then you have a choice to get to the steepest of places with the help of brush, as they are also available in various sizes. Rollers are the best for wall as they can be guided easily and provide you a very smooth coat. Make sure that you are not applying too much of pressure on the roller as it will make the paint drip. There are also chances of a trail line if you are going to push the roller hard between the coats. Using latex paints along with the roller will ensure that you are getting the right finish and the best use of the paint.

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Stephen Lockyer
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