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If you are planning to refresh exterior paint colors for your home or choose a color palette for a brand new abode, one of the key decisions that you will have to make is the color scheme. Exterior paint color combinations usually consist of three colors- one main color for the siding, one for trim and one for accent. The right exterior colors affect the overall appearance of your home maximizing its curb appeal. However, color selection represents a challenge due to the main variety of hues and shades on the market.


Repaint Pro as a reputed exterior house painting service provider has seen many combinations come and go, while other colors remain in demand no matter the currents flavors of the year. Here we will be discussing some popular color palettes that are presently trending.


Some of the cool color combinations that you may want to consider include:

White/tangerine/aquamarine: Among the popular exterior color schemes trending this year, aquamarine paint for shutters and trim, white siding. Accent the front door with Tangerine to create an appealing effect. This color schemes or same type of color combinations, work well for colonial architectural styles.


Bright white/paprika red/stormy gray: Available in a huge range of hues, gray has always been a color that gives your exterior a sophisticated look. Use stormy gray as the principal color for the siding. Paint porch trim, window frames, eaves and accent the front door using paprika red. Apply bright white paint to window sashes to make your abode eye-catchy.


Black/white/buttercream yellow: Yellow creates an enthusiastic happy vibe when chosen as the dominant color in a palette. Yellow with a red undertone gives a classic look to the exterior. Buttercream yellow walls mixed with a pristine bright white trims and accents. Set off these colors with a black-shingled roof to make your home irresistible.


These are only a few of the most common exterior color combinations. Consult reliable exterior house painting services to find the right color scheme for your home.


Professional expertise

Irrespective of the color scheme you choose for your home, exterior painting is an important project that needs careful consideration and preparation. Repaint Pro painters specializes in exterior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you want a professional opinion on paint color combinations or want to put the complete project in the hands of the experts, we are here to assist. Schedule your free estimate today.

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Stephen Lockyer
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