Decorate In Mixtures Of Styles

A particular style of clothing, a personal choice of beverage and a favorite book, all add up to one thing: you. Your choice of home interior is a statement of who you are in your comfort zone, around your family and friends. Redecorating lets you create your personal place for relaxation, according to your wishes and needs. Consider some of the following possibilities, then play around with it according to your wish.

Balmy beaches

Opt for shades of sea green, blue, magentas and light rose. The shades of nautical textures of linen, jute and seagrass baskets work well with a weathered wood look. For the bohemian experience, mix trial and natural with leather detailing.

Modern and classic or minimal

People generally feel that eco furniture looks like hippies made it, but it is not true. It looks modern. They are ecofriendly as well as blend well with the minimal and classic styles. Choose any hues and colors from forest greens to breezy blues; even warm tones give a very comfortable look. Don’t forget to include antiques made of natural wood as they will help complete the look.

Bold Bedroom

Now use your imagination to design a cozy, comfortable bedroom. An entertainment center for movies, a study to read, away from the noise of living and a corner for enjoying your favorite songs. Possibly a chaise lounge, a brass bed, wine nook and convenient tables. The color choices are never ending from pastels to black and red. Remember to include wallpaper and accent with complementary colors of paint.

Natural and tribal

Definitely, the thought of tribal accents and natural finishing create an unusual combination. Bold woven floor mates with bamboo furniture and pastel shades of wall paint and trim offer quiet and peace for lounging or sleep. A nice wall of artwork would be a great addition.

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