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Are you wanting to change the exterior appearance of your home call us at Repaintpro, the exterior painters, to make it look more appealing and eye-catching? Want to make the exterior of your house stand out from the other houses in your street? Well, look no further, Repaintpro specializes in the art of exterior painting, hence uses ideas and techniques that can make your house standout among the rest.


Repaintpro provides exterior painting services for all types of properties. This could be from residential property or commercial property and we have painted all sizes and designs of buildings, apartments, units and more. We are Gold Coast Exterior Painters who have been painting on the Gold Coast for over 20 years. We believe in delivering the best quality work, so that you can enjoy great aesthetics and pleasing beauty of your house for the longest time possible. We know the difference between a highest standard job and a poor job and we will make sure our jobs are always at the highest standard. Repaintpro doesn’t only emphasize on getting painting projects from clients but in building enduring relationships with them.


We not only provide luster and shine but also ensure durability and longevity. We follow a detailed procedure to ensure that your house is to its best standard when we finish painting. We carefully check on in the physical condition and different surfaces on the exterior of your home, so it is ready for us to paint. We know that the evaluation method is extremely important because any mistake done during this stage would definitely lead to a poor-quality finish. As a result, we pay attention to areas that may require repairing. Before starting the exterior painting job, we remove all lose paint in order for the exterior to be cleaned for a good foundation. Also, mold, dirt and other organic matter is removed, and pressure cleaning technique is used to remove the remains of the previous applied paint.


Our team of exterior painters have complete knowledge of pressure cleaning, scraping and sanding. After surface cleaning, next comes the task of caulking, masking, and priming. We use all these methods when preparing the exterior of your home for painting. Unlike other Gold Coast painters, we don’t take any shortcuts to complete our job fast, we make sure that they are done to your standards and are done with care and time. However, we very well know how to work within your time frames, we can work within your time frames and the job will still be at our best. We know the job of exterior painting can be complex, considering the fact that there can be complicated facets and architectures, but this where our experience and skills are best used.


Not everyone is the same when it comes to repainting the exterior of their home. What has worked for others may not deliver the same results for your home as different house type and the surface may require different paint and painting techniques. So, we work closely with our customers in order to understand their requirements and deliver results that best meet their desires. We have worked on numerous exterior surfaces like:

  • Masonite
  • Vinyl siding
  • Render
  • Wood Siding
  • Exterior Brick
  • Steel
  • Concrete Block.


We only use the best quality paints which include:  Dulux paints, Taubmans, Endure, Resene X200 and Lumbersider.


Repaintpro are expert Gold Coast exterior house painters and commercial painters. add a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house but will definitely add more years to the life of your home’s façade. Our experience and skills, when get incorporated with high quality products and materials results in less repairs and lower maintenance in the future. Our services are very reasonably priced and pocket friendly, so now you don’t have to wait for the exterior of your home to fade or paint to peel off, to consider applying a new coat of paint to keep it presentable and extraordinary.


We are never too busy for our clients, we feel pleased and delighted to help residents of Gold Coast and surrounding areas in their painting project. So, feel free to get in contact with us to discuss about your painting requirements. In addition, if you are worried about the pricing, then worry not, we provide the best competitive rates. We also provide free same day quote, so find out the exact painting cost beforehand and ensure peace of mind and hassle free painting experience.


RepaintPro will be happy to hear from you so drop us a line now.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
Professional painters and Decorators on the Gold Coast. Serving all your interior and exterior painting needs.

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