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It is extremely important to keep exterior of your home looking bright and appealing. However, generally people only focus on improving the interior of their home, but keeping the exterior in nice condition is equally important.


Here are a few exterior painting ideas that can increase the curb appeal of your home.


Exterior overhaul


When it comes to exterior painting projects, nothing is more effective, yet more important than a new coat of exterior house paint to protect the exterior of your home. If fading, cracking and chipping indicate that time has come to paint your home, don’t avoid it further. If you are having difficulty deciding between exterior walls colors, our home painters would be happy to assist.


Entry door makeover


If the exterior of your home is in good shape, but you are bored of seeing the same old look, then consider a new paint color for your entry door. Using a bright or bold exterior paint on your door can improve the curb appeal of your Gold Coast home and will make your door the center point it was designed to be.


Patio do-over


Give your patio a makeover, by giving it a new color, new furniture and some accents. An updated and well-kept patio or deck will help you unwind and relax. If you have dated, drab outdoor furniture replace it will new cozy couches or chairs and add some colors with new toss pillows or an exterior rug. This won’t just increase your curb appeal, but it will also improve your lifestyle by giving you an open entertaining space for get-togethers and barbeques.

Repaint your trim


In order to keep your wood trim protected, you must repaint it regularly. By updating your trim you can also frame your Gold Coast home with the aesthetic appeal it deserves. You can stick with the same exterior paint color or choose a new one. If you will see some of your neighborhood’s most beautiful homes, you may find various colors on their exterior trim and fascia.


Shutter makeover


Are there any shutters in your home? If the style of color of your home’s shutters don’t match the architecture and design of your home, repainting or replacing them will prove to be a wise decision. Choose an exterior paint color that jives with the colors of your woodwork, brick and siding.


If an exterior home makeover is on your to-do list, feel free to contact us now to get a free quote. Our team of house painters has high class reputation for being the best painters in the Gold Coast.

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Stephen Lockyer
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