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Have you looked at the exterior of your unpainted home and felt pathetic? Well, this may simply translate to a suitable time to décor the walls, ceiling and the floor. Outdoor painting doesn’t always do well at certain times such as summer since there is direct exposure to extreme heat. One needs exceptional skills and experience to get great results. Commercial Painter Gold Coast comes with beautiful ideas that can help you handle your painting during summer.


Master the Ideal Weather Conditions for Outdoor Painting

Having insight about this helps you decide the perfect time to starting painting since temperatures change with different times of the day. In summer, it is usually hot during the day but extremely cold once darkness looms the sky. Outdoor painting does well during the day when temperature is approximately 70 degrees. This exercise can also give you futile outcomes when done under high humidity, let’s say 70%. The cut off is 50%. Certain sites experience overwhelming wind which carry dust and sand particles that can instantly spoil the color of your fresh paint.


Adhere to Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Each firm provides specific guidelines on how to apply the paint and the approximate period for drying. All these factors must be taken into account for the paint to generate suitable results. If there are no accompanying instructions, get back to the manufacturer and ask for them. We at Painter Gold Coast advise our clients on how and the right time to apply the paint in this hottest season of the year. We also avail our qualified personnel to help you complete the job and make your home become a center of attraction.


Mask or Cover Things That Don’t Require Painting

Proper painting should only be focused on some things. You don’t have to apply the coat on everything in your home. You should trim off and cover those that don’t require the paint. These may include windows, runaways and doors especially those glass-fabricated ones. There should be no spills or leaks of paint.


Employ Proper Painting Tools

Good painting results are not only a product of type of paint and the expertise of the person in charge but also the type of tools used. If you use a cheap brush for instance, you may end up applying a very thin or thick coat that may worsen the situation. To be on the safer side, we at Painters Gold Coast purchase everything from one manufacturer.


Consider Quality Rather than Quantity of Paint

Some people are obsessed with amounts and forget to recall that quality is the key determining factor. The price should not put you off. You can simply seek aid from our professionals at Home Painters Gold Coast who with their expertise skills can give you a color scheme of your dream.


Thorough Surface Preparation

One of the things that spoil the fun when it comes to home décor is inappropriate surface preparation. You employ an uncertified painter who does shoddy work and finally find patches and cracks or even peeled off surfaces.


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Stephen Lockyer
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