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Gray is not a very popular choice when it comes to picking a color for your interior. But, gray is a better choice than going for any other neutral color like tan. Gray is more in now and can be more interesting than tan. A lot of furniture is tan and by opting for a gray shade you can add more contrast to the room and make the space more appealing. Besides, gray unlike white doesn’t show wear and tear easily, reflects light gently and matches everything, making it a great choice for your living room.


Gray matches everything

The benefit of a neutral tone is that you don’t have to worry about whether your existing furniture will complement your new wall color. If you have got a many different pieces, you may have a little bit of an eclectic style, so choosing a neutral color like gray can assist things from clashing.


Gray means not too much worry about scuffs

If you have kids keeping walls stain and scratch free is almost impossible. But, as a parent, you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning the paint in the living room. Instead of living with that concern, it is best to choose a durable paint with a nice medium dark shade that can reduce the appearance of wear and tear.


The perfect light all year long

It is a very common to see major fluctuations in the quality of light all through the year. In the winder, there is a pale shade of light that makes you feel like it is absorbed by dark tones, and in summer the bright afternoons may feel too bright when they are reflecting off a bright white. Thankfully gray transitions very effectively between cool and warm tones working well across an array of seasonal light. Gray provides a moderate mid-range tone that keeps your room smooth even in bright light, without being too dark. To make the most of your gray walls throughout the seasons, we suggest a nice indirect light source, like an adjustable lamp that can adjusted all through the year.


Going gray: Begin working on your new interior

If you are considering gray interior, contact your Gold Coast interior painters to get their recommendations. A number of tools are also available that can assist you choose a right hue, but a professional can always give better and customized advice.


It is best to have someone that can talk over the options with you and assist you choose a color for your particular room. Repaint Pro has been providing comprehensive painting services Gold Coast wide from over 20 years. Get in touch with our experienced team for a consultation!


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