Choosing exterior paint colors for your home, house or business can be such a hard task. Pick colors that are too conservative, and you run the risk of making your place look dull.

Choose a color scheme that’s too radical, and you’ll find yourself in danger of overwhelming your house’s architecture, putting off customers, not to mention ticking off your neighbors.

The best exterior paint colors will highlight your home’s beautiful features while disguising its flaws. I hope the following can help with your choice and exterior colour design.

1. If you’re painting an older or period style home, you may decide to go with a historically accurate color scheme. You can refer to historic color charts to select exterior paint colors that might have been used during the time your house was built. Or you can hire a professional like repaintpro to analyze old paint chips and colour match the original paint color. On the Gold Coast these colour schemes are not as relevant as living in Brisbane due to our cities age.

2. Some suburbs around the Gold Coast actually fly in the face of tradition and encourage bright, modern colors to accentuate the old architectural details like Emerald Lakes. If done properly, vibrant colors on a historical house can produce exciting results. But before you sink all that time and effort into painting your Victorian home fluorescent green, you should be sure that sort of independent thinking is going to fly with your neighbors. That exterior paint color might look great in Ashmore but not so effective in Hope Island.

3. Consider any architectural features that won’t be painted, such as brick walls or a natural wooden door. Since these preexisting colors are usually non-negotiable, you’ll need to select exterior paint colors that will harmonize with them.

4. Light paint colors make a home look larger and stately. Dark colors will tend to draw more attention to details, but will make a home look smaller. Using darker shades in recesses and lighter shades on details that project from the wall surface will emphasize the features of your home.

5. Try to stay within a single color family when settling on an exterior paint color scheme. Clashing colors are not only an eyesore, but tend to detract from your home’s architectural details. Instead of using different colors, try using lighter and darker shades to provide accents without going over the top. Also remember that some of the accents of your home were designed to be just that, a shadow style relief.

6. Keep your colors balanced. A single burst of color on one part or feature will make your house look lopsided.

7. . Don’t copy their color scheme exactly, but try to select exterior paint colors that will compliment with your suburb.

If all else fails we have some great resources available with regard to expert colour consultants.


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Stephen Lockyer
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