choose paint for a bedroom according to the light

Generally, when people consider a paint color for their bedroom, they usually think about the environment they want to create. Choosing a color scheme that energizes or soothes you depending on the desired look is a great place to start. But the painters Gold Coast want to remind you that once you choose colors for your bedroom, there is one more important factor to consider- the light.


Those paint colors look different in the store and in home, based on the type of lighting. The look of the colors changes based on the type of light bulbs you use in your bedroom, the direction they face and at what time of the day you are looking. The key to choosing the perfect color for your bedroom is actually all about understanding how its appearance is affected by light.


Lighting in a room can be categorized into- lots of light and low light. Here we are recommending you how to choose the best paint colors for both the light effects.


How to choose paint for a low-light or a dark room?

One of the most complicated tasks in painting is choosing the right color for a room that lacks natural light. People generally think that by painting it with a bright white, one can create the light that is lacking, but a super white room usually end up looking dull, without dimension.


To paint a bedroom that lacks enough natural light, try to use the little light that is present by choosing rich colors. Use warm yellow hues to create a feel of natural sunlight while also reflecting artificial light for an overall bright look. Orange will also look good- like shades of apricot and pumpkin.


How to paint rooms with lots of light?

If there is plenty of sunlight in your bedroom, you have more choices for the color that will look good. But, remember that the shade of the room will change all through the day, depending on the direction of the room. Say, if your room is east-facing, you can opt for cooler colors, so your room won’t be too bright in the morning. But, if you want to intensify strong sun rays, warm, rich color will work best.


The color that will work best in any light: gray

Gray is a new, popular color. This color looks great both in dark rooms and rooms with lots of natural light. So, if you are having a tough time deciding which color will work best in your bedroom, go for this new trend.


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