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Nothing feels more pleasing and peaceful than a freshly painted room coated in your favorite paint color. The complete surface looks scuff free, crisp and clean. Sadly, a blink of an eye and you will start seeing spots, stains and fingerprints on those newly painted walls.


Seeing those signs can be annoying. No matter how hard you try to keep freshly painted look intact, it is just impossible, especially if you have kids, pets or you socialize a lot. If you are also bothered by stains on your walls, then here are some painting tips and cleaning tricks for our professional painters Gold Coast. We hope by using these tips you will have your wall paint back to beautiful in no time.


When washing walls, start from the bottom and move upwards. Also, avoid taking breaks in the middle of the walls; instead take breaks in between walls. With this approach you can ensure a less streaky finished product and an easier cleaning job.


Basic cleaning care: Don’t try to clean walls within 15 days of painting. Begin by removing cobwebs or debris from baseboards and trim. For this you can use brush attachment of your vacuum.


For dusting purpose you can use a soft cloth or a Swiffer for difficult to reach areas.


For light cleaning and fingerprint removal, you can use dry/damp sponged on your walls. Make sure the solution you use has mild cleaner and warm water. You can try cleaning a small area first to ensure the solution is compatible with you wall paint.


Finish up by wiping walls dry with a towel in order to ensure there is no moisture left.


Scuff marks: For difficult marks, try rubbing a simple paste of baking powder and water onto the marks and then gently wipe it off with a sponge. If this doesn’t work, or if you don’t want to give it a try for any reason, you can also try a magic eraser. Keep your hand light when using the eraser as scrubbing too hard can damage your wall paint.


Stains: for highly stained areas, try using mellow mentioned solution:

1 cup white vinegar


1 cup, non sudsing ammonia,


1 cup washing soda (such as borax)


1 gallon warm water


Start working from bottom to top, clean stains using the above mentioned solution and then rinse the surface with clean warm water. Try the solution on a small patch first, to ensure that it doesn’t remove your wallpaper or interior paint.


We hope that these paint cleaning tips and tricks by professional painters Gold Coast will help you preserve and prolong your interior painting job. If not, or it has been long since the walls of your Gold Coast home have had fresh coat of paint, contact us today for a free quote.


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Stephen Lockyer
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