Home decoration, painted wall cleaning Gold CoastCleaning the paint on the walls and ceilings is quite an easy process if done in a right manner. However, you need to keep certain points in mind before you begin the process to ensure, that you are posing no damage to the finish of the paint. Painting is the best method to add style and charm to the home decoration and you can completely change the overall look of the house by the shades of the paints. The surface of the paint starts to look dull as dirt and dust gets deposited over the period of the time on the outer area of the paint. Dust off the surface using a soft dry cloth before you start with the cleaning process. It needs to be cleaned from time to time to keep the surface of the paint looking like new.

The best way to clean the surface of the paint is by using warm soapy water that will help you to take off most of the dirt and grease. Make sure that you are not using too hard detergent to clean the paint. Use two buckets of water for the cleaning process and fill up one with the mild soapy water and fill the other bucket with plain water. Always remember to change the clean water once it gets dirty. Never start cleaning the water from the bottom, as the moment you will start cleaning the upper surface, the dirty water will trail down and it will make the cleaned surface dirty again. Always start with the top and use light long strokes to clean the surface. If you are using a cloth, then make sure that you are using the softest one. There are various other products available in the markets that are specially made to clean the surface of the paints. Always ensure that they are safe and never start to clean the entire area when you are using such products. Always start with small area first and then move to the bigger area. If you notice any change in the shade of the smaller area, then immediately stop cleaning the surface.

While cleaning the non shiny walls, you have to be little careful with the process as the matt finish tends to attract more dust. Most paints that are available in the market are washable and you don’t have to worry about damaging the coat while cleaning. If the home was last painted by the builder or you haven’t got it painted after shifting, then you have to be careful with the cleaning process as you don’t know what quality and type of paint was used earlier.

It is always best to take the help from a professional before you start to clean the wall. If you have any doubt in the cleaning process, then you can contact the professional to do the entire cleaning job for you. There are many good residential painters available in the market who will guide you in the right cleaning process.

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