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You can’t judge a book by its cover, but many do judge a house by its exterior. If you’re looking to increase the value of your commercial property, you’ll be considering a variety of maintenance works and renovations. Painting is often overlooked, yet is one of the most cost-effective methods to feature value to your property.


Planning The Painting


Most commercial paints produce very minimal levels of fumes, so they’re safe to be used indoors while tenants are present. You’ll still wish to consider which is the most eco-friendly paint so as to maintain as pleasant an environment as possible for your tenants. It’s also worth thinking about whether you’ve got the building painted within work hours or in the evenings, bearing in mind that this may be more costly.


For external paintwork, make sure you use a tough and long-lasting paint which will withstand your local weather conditions. If you’ve got a coastal commercial property, it’s going to wear down more quickly within the salt air. If you’re repainting before a particularly rainy or humid climate, your paint will help protect your building from damp and leaks. 


Choosing a Color Scheme


You may wish to have some input into the colour scheme of your property, otherwise, you may prefer to hand creative control over to the contractors. If you know exactly what business is moving in, your choice may be limited to their preferred colours. However, if you’re painting your commercial property to make it seem more enticing, you’ll have to consider who you would like to draw in. It’d be your preference to tie the colours in with the architecture of your building or the property’s location.


Hiring a Contractor Painters Gold Coast


You may choose a trusted contractor or maybe a full ‘designer colour change’, which involves hiring an interior designer to assess the property and recommend a selected colour to suit the space. While this is more costly than an easy repaint, this will be reflected in your property’s value and has been shown to help significantly when looking to renew a tenancy.


After an initial consultation with you or your property manager, a contractor should conduct a detailed site inspection before commencing painting. This will enable them to cost the project effectively to avoid any surprises, and you’ll wish to compare several contractors’ quotes at this stage.


If you’re considering selling your property, ask expert commercial painters Gold Coast to debate the simplest methods for increasing your commercial property value before the sale.

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Stephen Lockyer
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