Painting the Ceiling of Your HouseThere is no need to call in the expert painter if you want to paint the ceiling of your house. It can be done by following few easy steps and you can do it by yourself at home. Before you start to paint, always remember to paint the ceiling first and then move to the walls. In this article, we are going to discuss some easy steps that will guide you in the right steps of painting.

  1. Cleaning The Walls And Ceiling

Before you start with the process, clean the ceiling and the walls with mild detergent and sponge. Remove all the dirt and grimes that might have got accumulated at the surface. Make sure that you have a smooth finish after cleaning and use a cellulose sponge for better results. Rinse the ceiling and walls with clean water to remove the entire soap residue. Before you start to coat the paint, ensure that the surface is completely dry.

  1. Start With The Edges

Start painting at the corner of the ceiling and then move towards the entire surface. Use a brush between 2 -2.5 inches to cut in. Apply the coats using the perimeter of the wall and ensure that there are no lines between the cuts of the paint coats. Start with one section at a time and then cover the rest of the area. Don’t let the paint dry before you apply another cut.

  1. Rolling The Ceiling

Before you start to paint the ceiling, make sure that you have removed all the excess paint from the roller. Move it back and forth at the ridge of the paint tray to ensure it is not carrying excess paint, as it will drop off the ceiling and ruin your floor. Always start with the corner and then blend the coat with the line that was left by the previous coat of the paint. Always paint the width of the ceiling and avoid painting in lengths. Use the roller in motion that runs across your body to avoid straining your back and neck.

  1. Cover The Floor And The Door Handles

Always cover the floor with old newspaper before you start to paint the ceiling. No matter how careful you are, there will be drops of paint that will be dropping off the roller and it might stain the surface of the floor. You need to be extra careful if you have a wooden flooring in the house. Make sure to cover the area where the stool is, to avoid any paint marks on the edge and the surface of the floor. Tape the handles of the doors using old newspapers to avoid any paint marks on them.

  1. Second Coat

After painting the first coat on the ceiling, let it dry for 7-8 hours before you apply the next coat. If the first coat has made the surface too smooth, then you can use a paint grade sand paper to slightly rub the surface before applying the next coat of paint.

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