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To make sure that you are maintaining the walls in a right manner, you have to make sure that you are cleaning them on regular basis along with taking the right care of them. This also applies at the time when you decide to give a new coat of paint to the walls and you need to make sure that you have cleaned the surface in a proper manner. The walls can be cleaned on a regular basis without getting worried damaging the coat of paint. You just have to make sure that the paint is semi gloss. If you have a coat of white paint, then it can be cleaned on regular basis as well. The best way to get the right idea is by calling the Home Painter Gold Coast expert before you start to clean the walls of the house.


The first thing that you need for the proper cleaning of the walls is the detergent. You need to make sure that you are not using any harsh detergent to clean the walls of the room. Many people use the clothes detergent to clean the walls and it ends up taking the sheen from the surface of the walls. The best way to clean the surface is by using the damp cloth and then you could repeat the process to take the excess dirt off it. Use Simple tap water and two buckets to clean the wall. Use one to store the detergent water and fill the other one with clean water. Always clean a small area before starting with the entire wall. This way you can test the detergent to see if it’s leaving any marks on the surface. If you have any doubt regarding the cleaning, then you could contact the Painter Gold Coast professional anytime.


Take the soft cloth and damp it in the water along with the detergent. Ensure that you haven’t put too much on the detergent in the water as it may take coat off. If you are using the sponge, then make it moist, not dripping. Start cleaning the wall in small sections, starting from the bottom and then gradually reaching the top. If you will start from the top, then the dirty water will drip down, making the wall dirtier and messier to clean. It is a lot better idea to clean the wall from the lower up every time. Be sure to wipe the entire wall with a sponge. If you notice that if the wall has too much of dirt and grime deposit at the surface, then you can dust off the dust suing a dry cloth and then start the cleaning process. Ensure that you are replacing the water so that you don’t end up putting back the dirt and grime back to the surface of the wall. If the water gets dirty in the first step, replace it with clean water. If you have any doubt with the process, then call the Commercial Painter Gold Coast professional for the right help.

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