Painting is the best method to add style and charm to the home decoration and if you want your home to exude style and elegance then you can completely change the overall look of the house by the shades of the paints. The Application of the paint play a vital role in the overall finish as the way you paint the walls determines how the coat will stay at the surface, giving you the desired results. The surface of the paint starts to look dull as dirt and dust gets deposited over the period of the time on the outer area of the paint. It needs to be cleaned from time to time to keep the surface of the paint looking like new. In this article, we are going to tell you How to prepare a room for painting.

  1. Clear the room of all furnishings and decorations

Before you start to paint the house, you have to ensure that you have removed all the decoration and the furniture form the room. As the paint may be sprayed on them, it will be a very tough job removing the paint from the furniture and the fixtures in the room. This also creates more space in the room that allows you to roam freely and do the painting work.

  1. Fill in any nail holes, small dents and hairline cracks

Before you start the final coat on the wall, you have to ensure that you have filled in all the nail holes, small dents, and hairline cracks. They might look very ugly at the surface of the wall if you are not going to take right care of them. Apply the base and let it dry for 2-4 hours and sand it off to smoothen the surface before the coat of paint.

  1. Give the room a thorough cleaning

If you are painting a new wall, then it should be cleaned completely before the application of the paint. Make sure that the old paint from the walls is removed completely if you are painting an old wall. If you want to apply a primer, then repair the finish of the wall to give it a smooth texture. All the walls must be cleaned from all the dirt and grimes and the greasy deposits in the kitchen must be removed.

  1. Clean the walls / surface to be painted

This is really very much important while painting the bathrooms and kitchens of the house. They are the places where you will find the most residue and debris deposits on the walls. The best way to clean the walls is by using the dish wash and water solution that will help you to clean the walls completely.

  1. Priming

Before you go ahead with the coat of paint, you have to ensure that you have applied primer on the wall. If you are painting over oil based, gloss or semi gloss paint, then you must apply primer.

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