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Lead is a very dangerous product to human health. Most of the buildings that were built using lead-based roofing got demolished due to their hazardous effect on the respiratory system. Lead based paint can equally cause lethal poisoning effects hence, the need to take precautions when removing old or fresh paints from walls, ceilings and other surfaces. We at Commercial Painters Gold Coast employ protective tips you can also adhere to for safe removal of the paint. Below are the main tips to focus on.


Catch and Control The Dust

The main reason why you have to stick a masking tape and a polythene paper along the floor edge of the surface you want to remove the paint is to avoid dirtying the room. Once you start sanding, all the dust and other particles will settle on the masking tape and therefore, you will have an easier time wiping the floor. Any client can get to us at Home painters Gold Coast to get proficient advice on effective dust control methods.


Vacate the Area Along the Edge of Your Working Space

You don’t need to be reminded that every piece of furniture should be covered in the middle of the working perimeter. If you are removing the paint high up the walls, then you can cover them with a big polythene bag to prevent lead paint particles from soiling them.


Wear Protective Clothing

As said, lead is a poisonous element that should not get in direct contact with your body system. When lead particles are inhaled, they may cause great danger to lungs and other parts. At Painter Gold Coast we have long-sleeved aprons and thick gloves that all our workers wear prior to embarking on their task. Those who deal with the noxious lead paint removal are usually equipped with special goggles and half mask respirator that allow them breath well without inhaling the particles.


Wet The Surface, Sand and Scape Off Lead Paint

Once you have prepared well and have great confidence in your abilities, it is now time to face the lion-removing the paint. The first step is to wet the wall with water in order to loosen the adhesive forces holding paint particles on the surfaces and avert from dusting the entire room. Tall walls can simply be sprayed. You can then remove paint flakes by scraping them off in a uniform pattern. Always avoid leaving behind patchy areas and any faint residues that might reap you off from achieving your target of getting sensible upshots. We at Painters Gold Coast have mastered this technique and can do for you a pretty impressive job.


Thorough Cleanup

The last step is to help you leave your workspace as clean as possible. You have to get rid of all the lead paint fragments and dust particles through vacuum technique and then wipe and wash rigorously with soapy water or a commercial all-purpose cleaner. Rinse the surface as much as possible and then leave it to dry.


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