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Here are questions: if you have to ask anyone if they prefer sweets or spicy, everyone would have an opinion, right? People will tell you what type of oil to use in your car, and what type of insurance to buy for your family, so it is weird that so many people think that paint is just painted, and they are all almost same. This is the type of myth that leaves your friendly neighborhood painting services Gold Coast expert requesting you to give your home the much-needed respect.


After working for over 20 years we can say that the quality of the paint you choose is possibly one of the most important factors in how satisfied you are going to be with the results in the long run. Choosing a paint is like choosing furniture for your home- when faced with an array of choices in the cluttered store. The jumble can make you think that they will do all the job, but it is slightly more complicated than that.


 Quality Benchmarks

By buying the cheapest paint you find in the store, you might think that you are making the best decision. But actually, it is usually a false saving. Thinner, poor quality resins in the paint reduce its power of coverage. So, what looks like a cost-saving purchase can end up increasing your project time as you have to apply more coats of paint.


You might have noticed that there are countless choices in the paint market, and generally, the specifications of paint formulation are not made as clear to clients as they should be. So, let’s discuss what is in the can.


First, it is important to understand the terminology and it all comes down to binders, thinners, pigments and additives.


Binder: The quality of binder in your paint decides how durable the coat of paint is, and how well the coat adheres to its surface. It is material that remains in the paint after it dries- it carries the pigment as well as creates the final film of color. The superior quality of binder in your paint prevents it from flaking.


Thinner: As the name suggests, it is the same material that makes the paint fluid or in other terms “paintable”. It is essential to look at the quality of a thinner as this is what is responsible for giving the paint a smooth finish and makes application easier.


Pigment: Pigment is something that makes paint, paint – it is the color that is held within the binder. It plays an important role in deciding how well the paint covers the wall, giving it that solid, bright layer of color. It can also play a role in how well the paint holds up over time.


Additives: Additives in the case of paint is a very broad term that refers to the extra materials in the paint that makes it easier to apply. They are actually what affects the thickness of the paint, the amount of time it requires to dry, how evenly the color gets spread throughout the paint and how smooth the final painted surface looks.


Repaint Pro has providing painting services in Gold Coast from the past over 20 years and can help you choose the best quality paint for your home and office. For details call us now.


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