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Exterior painting is considered to be one of the greatest home improvement projects that can increase curb appeal and property value. In fact, realtors and painters Gold Coast say that exterior home painting and maintenance can improve current market value of a house by 200%.


With the struggling real estate market, it is essential for homeowners to know that most homebuyers make their decision, really fast of viewing and linking the exterior of a home. Homeowners who have no plans of selling their property, can also benefit from a well-planned, eye catching exterior paint job as it enhances the value of the home and can even assist boost the value of the neighboring homes.


Potential sellers should also focus on the exterior of the home mainly because of the ROI. Generally, people think that exterior of the home can take a back seat, if the interior is wow and well kept, but it is not true. Keeping exterior well and good is as important as keeping the interior maintained. Here we will discuss tips on color selection and the architectural elements that you must focus on when giving the exterior of your home a bright new look.


    • Revitalize the exterior: Bold and bright colors are a popular choice especially the shades of deep purple, yellow and tangerine are loved by people. So, depending on your neighborhood, you can choose the best colors for the exterior of your home. There are reputed and renowned brands that stock a huge variety of shades to help you give the exterior of your home, a fresh captivating look. You can also hire exterior house painting services to let the professionals decide how to increase the value of your home.
    • Fences: The apt fence color can highlight the architecture of your home and add character to your exterior. Fences give a color frame for your home and give it an extraordinary personality.
    • Garage doors: This is one more way to increase the curb appeal of your home. You can paint garage doors in a way that they coordinate with the house body color, or you can make the door standout by using a complementary color.
    • Trim: New trim revamps the façade, highlights the architecture of your home and puts special focus to its attractive design.
    • Shutters: You can either paint your shutter in a way that it will work as a cosmetic accent to the overall color scheme of the home or blend to the body color, freshly painted shutters work as instant exterior improvements.
    • Front door: A new coat of paint on your front door creates a visually appealing focal point. It creates a nice first impression that sets the tone for the rest of the home. So, don’t let that chipped, dull, dirty front door affect the value of your home. Get it painted before scheduling a property show.


So, contact your local painter Gold Coast- Repaint Pro today and give your home the much needed facelift for the much needed value boost.


Image Source: https://pixabay.com/

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