Narrow Hallway Paint Ideas

Painting of the house needs a proper plan and it a very essential that you have all the ideas ready before you give the contract to a professional painter. This gets lot more important while painting the insides of the house, as you have to keep the colour combinations in mind that must match with the rest of the paint shade and theme of the house. Interior painting is very different from the exterior painting and if you have a narrow hallway in your house, then you must paint it in a way that makes it look like a wider space. In this article we are going to suggest you some of the ideas using which you can make the narrow hallway look roomier.

1. Go Light

The best way to induce a space to a room is by painting it in a light shade of colour. Professional exterior painting Gold Coast painters suggest that you must use a shade of the paint that is lighter, so that you make the hallway appear bright by using the right combination. If you are going to paint the surrounding walls in a darker and contrasting shade of paint, then it will cut of all the light and this will result in no reflection. When the light is reflected from the walls, it makes the room appear big. The trick here is to paint the narrow hallway two shades lighter than the colour chosen for the walls.

2. Open Up The Space

If you have windows in the hallway, then it is going to let more light in and this will benefit you a lot in making the hallway appear brighter and bigger. You can also induce the use of dark shade on the panes of the window as they will be opening at the outside. If you have chosen the lightest colour on the walls then you can paint the window panes in the contrasting colour to give the shade a break and it is not going to affect the lighter shades on the walls.

3. Ceiling paint

The best shade for the ceiling is a white shade. It is going to match with any lighter shade on the wall and will help to reflect more light too.

4. Colour shades

Choosing the shades like light green and pink are going to give you more positive feeling while keeping the hallway looking much bigger. You also have an option to paint the walls of the hallway in more than one shade of paint. You can choose the shades that match with one another and make them as light as possible. Professional exterior painting Gold Coast painters will be able to help you out in this as they have a shade card and they can help you create a shade of your choice. Painting in shades creates a stylish look and improves the visual of the hallway making it look like a bigger area.

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