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In most homes, especially older ones a few negative features are present. When costly structural changes are not possible, smart paint choices provide a reasonable solution. Exposed operating components and small room sizes are generally at the top of every homeowner’s complaint list.


Residential painting solutions for small room sizes


    • Monochromatic color schemes seem to enlarge the dimensions of a room. Paint the wall with a light color and choose a same one for the upholstery of the furniture.


    • Make walls appear taller by extending the paint onto the ceiling. By creating a border of 6”to 12” with the wall color around the ceiling, you can make your room look more spacious.


  • Do you have a guest bathroom or a small powder room? Convert it into a small jewel box with dark paint and lots of glitter. Dark colors make a small room appear larger and the posh ambience creates a lasting impression on your guests.


Paint solutions to hide flaws

      • Emphasize positive features, like a crown molding or a brick fireplace, with high contrast paint that will highlight them. Painting negative components, like exposed pipes and radiators in the same color as the wall will make them obvious.


    • Uneven plaster walls, if any in your home, must be a stylish character feature for many homeowners. Achieving an even color when painting them can be daunting. Use textures painting techniques, like rag and sponge painting to reduce defects and get even coverage.


The basic rule of thumb for choosing the right paint color


    • Never choose a paint color merely looking at the small strip in the paint store. Buy samples of many colors you like and paint large patches of each sample color on your wall. Notice how they change in lighting throughout the day. Depending on your observation, select the best color for your home.


The secret to overcoming flaws in your home with paint is a nice painting job. If you think painting is an easy, quick action of dipping a brush in a bucket and applying it on the wall, then you will be disappointed with the final result. Hire residential painting Gold Coast services and leave the tedious and challenging task to the professionals.


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