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When doing maintenance on an existing home or decorating a new home, many home owners have a really difficult time deciding whether they should use paint or wallpaper. The reason why this decision is so difficult is due to the fact that wallpaper gives many more catchy pattern and décor choices; however, the maintenance of wallpaper can be difficult at times.


Here are top reasons that paint is a better choice for your upcoming new or existing home décor:


Peeling: Wallpapers with time start peeling and get difficult to maintain. By investing in paint, one has to only keep a spare bucket of the paint and they can performs repairs in form of patches when needed down the road. This is a lot easier fix for those scratches that happen due to wear and guests.


Décor style: Wallpaper is elegant, but with solid paint colors you can add elegance to your home as well as you can accessorize it with accent décor pieces. This is a simple way to take benefit of all of the great home décor pieces on the market and make them a part of your interior design.


Wallpaper patterns get discontinued: One key disadvantage of choosing wallpaper is that wallpaper patterns do get discontinued. This means if you ever have to make repairs, then you might not be able to find the pattern, paint is a lot more effective solution. Even if you can’t find the exact color paint that you used, at least you can paint your room with a different color very easily instead of ripping off the complete wallpaper for the sake of a few damaged places.


Paint also can have patterns: If you decide to work with painter Gold Coast, they can use stencils to create artistic effects on your walls. This is an excellent way to add character to your house that matches your furniture choices.


Painting provides many creative ideas for the interior design of your home while at the same time, it is a lot easier to maintain in the long run. Therefore, when planning your upcoming home decorating project, remember that paint has many various different options which make it a better choice between the two.


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