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Do you live in a busy area of Coomera? Are you wanting to repaint your house or commercial business but can’t find the time? Not to worry, Repaintpro can repaint your house for you.


If you are thinking of repainting your house or commercial building by yourself because you know you will save money well your right, but is it the best idea? Painting your house or commercial building would be a great way to save money but it could end in disaster. You could use the wrong paint or miss a step which will cause the paint to peel or flake off sooner than expected. Hiring a professional will ensure you have long lasting paint and you won’t have to repaint your house as often.


Coomera – 4209

Coomera is constantly developing with new residential properties and commercial buildings. This community has rapidly expanded in the past decade and it has become home to a lot more than the theme parks that surround it. With all of these new developments happening you would want your house to stay in style with the others, wouldn’t you? So, hire Repaintpro to ensure your house or commercial building is always up to date with the latest trends.


This lively suburb sits across from the Coomera River to Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island. This offers substantial opportunities for waterfront living – there is a marina already in place. Coomera also has excellent access to and from the Motorway. If you live in one of these amazing waterfront homes and are looking to have it repainted Repaintpro can help you.


There are many services and educational centres around Coomera. There are the train station and a number of schools. There is also a major infrastructure- the Coomera New Town Centre – being put in.


If you own of the schools or local shopping centres and think it needs to be repainted but are worried it will interfere with the working hours there is no need to worry. Repaintpro can work after trading hours so you don’t have to close your sort or parts of the school.


Repaintpro has been repainting houses and commercial buildings all over the Gold Coast and Coomera for over 20 years. All of our customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality of work we put into our jobs and the outcomes they receive. We work all over the Gold Coast, from Coomera, down to Nerang, Robina, Varsity, Miami, and all the way down to the border at Tweed Heads. Where you live isn’t an issue for us we can come out and quote or paint your house or commercial building.


So, if you live in Coomera and need your house or commercial building painted to give the team at Repaintpro a call or an email and we can come out and quote your job for free. So, call or email today.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
Professional painters and Decorators on the Gold Coast. Serving all your interior and exterior painting needs.

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