Repainting is one of the cheapest ways to redecorate your house or commercial building. Do you live or own a commercial building in Pacific Pines? If you do Repaintpro is here to help you. We can repaint the interior or exterior of your home or business with prices that won’t hurt your budget.


It can be hard to find a repainting company that meets all of your criteria, but we have a few simple tips you can use to make it a little easier.


1. Ask people you know who have used the same company you are looking at. Ask them if they would recommend the company.


2. Look at the reviews online to see what other people had to say about their work.


3. Ask the repainting company for references to other jobs they have done so you can go and see what their work looks like for yourself.


These tips should help make finding the best repainting company a little easier.


Pacific Pines – 4211

Pacific Pines is one of the fastest and largest growing communities on the Gold Coast. With new houses and commercial buildings going in each year there is always people wanting to match the new styles. If you are looking for a repainting company to repaint your house or commercial building give Repaintpro a call.


This suburb is located in the Brisbane to Gold Coast corridor and it offers residents and business owners varied views of Stradbroke to Coolangatta.


Pacific Pines has so much to do. There are schools, shopping centres, open parklands, childcare, wetlands, playing fields, a tavern and a lake and a freshwater creek. If you own a shop or school in Pacific Pines and are looking to have it repainted give Repaintpro an email today.


Repaintpro has been repainting businesses and houses throughout Pacific Pines and all over the Gold Coast for over 20 years. All of our customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality of work we put into our jobs. Where you live or are located in Pacific Pines or anywhere on the Gold Coast isn’t an issue for us, we can come out and repaint it for you.


So, give Repaintpro a call or an email today and we can come and quote your job for free. Yes, for free, so call or email today.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
Professional painters and Decorators on the Gold Coast. Serving all your interior and exterior painting needs.

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