Paint Brush for house paintingMany people have this confusion before they paint their homes that which of the two would be the best for the finish – Brush or the sprayer? Application of the paint play a vital role in the overall finish as the way you paint the walls determines how the coat will stay at the surface, giving you the desired results. Painting home dé must be done in a perfect manner to give your house an attractive look. Many factors also play a vital role in the finish of the paint apart from Brush and sprayer. They are:

• Type of paint being used
• Application technique
• Area that is getting painted
• Removal process of the old paint
• Number of coats applied

These are the basic areas that need to get checked for the right finish of the paint. There are many painters who stick to the conventional methods of painting whereas there are others who follow more advanced methods. It all boils down to the owner of the house, in which way he wants to get the home painted. Always remember that the rates of the painters depend upon the techniques they are going to use for the painting of the house. The spray painting might cost you more than the regular form of painting.

Advantages of Using a Paint Brush

  • It’s the most traditional style of painting the home and you will get a lot many experienced painters who are expert with the brush painting techniques.
  • If you want to paint an area that needs detailing, then the brush painting is the best method to do it. For example, if you have a certain design elements on your wall, then you can use a narrow brush to paint them in a different shade.
  • Using different size of paint allows you to give the surface a certain texture where you can play with the finish to give it more style.
  • Painting with brush results in minimum wastage of paint. As you use only that much quantity that is needed, you can use it in more efficient manner.
  • Advantages of Using a Spray for Painting
  • Spray paint gives you more uniform finish. When you spray the whole area, you can have the finish according to the nozzle you are using.
  • Spray paints results in lot of time saving. Using spray, you can paint the entire room in no time.
  • With different nozzles, you can have different finish on the surface. This gives you an advantage to have finish options.

Before you finalize the painter for your house, make sure that you are discussing both the options of painting with him. As the rates may vary, you need to ensure what kind of techniques the painter will be using to paint the house. Always take estimates from more than 2 painters to get you a right deal. Always call the painter to the house and show him the area that needs to get painted and then take the approximate price for the job.

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Stephen Lockyer
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