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When choosing a new paint color scheme for your office space, there are several things you need to consider. It is important to create a perfect ambiance for your clients, employees and visitors. Choose interior décor ideas that will complement your business and make a space the grows and changes with your Gold Coast area business.


Choice of colors can make or break your commercial space. The right paint colors will give away your message correctly, while the wrong paint colors may send a wrong message.


To assist you, we have prepared a list of five painting tips for your office space.


Consider your target audience

What are you hoping to communicate to your customers or visitors with the paint colors and the interior design of your office space? For example, in an insurance office you want to convey professionalism and security while in a café you may want the interior to say trendy and clean.


Mood and tone

Color proves helpful in setting the mood and tone of your office space. Consider what you want your staff or clients to feel when choosing wall paint colors for your office. Like, green and blue can be great choices for busy offices, as they bring a sense of peace.


Include your branding

Yu will want your office space to reflect your brand, using accents and images that reflect your logo, style and product. Your commercial facility or space need to add to your client’s experience and be a place they can rely on.


Wear and tear

It is important that your paint and décor choices hold up to the routine chores of your business. When choosing wall paint and paint finishes, make sure that you choose only those colors that will stand the time and ensure your business will feel clean and professional for many years.


Location and lighting

Even the most popular paint colors fail in some space because of location and lighting. Take the natural light of your business or commercial space into consideration when deciding on the décor.


The best choice you can make when planning a décor of your Gold Coast commercial space is to consult a professional commercial painters Gold Coast to assist you in the process. We are the obvious choice when considering a commercial redesign for your Gold Coast property. We not only use the highest quality materials and painting supplies, but our professional commercial painters will work around your schedule, ensuring great results.


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