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We have all seen the signs on the front lawns of people saying “Roofs Painted From $1200” Almost without fail I see home owners every week with quotes to “paint” their roofs from $1200 to $1700. I continually ask myself how they manage to restore your roof for these prices.

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The roof of your house is one of the most significant parts in the structure of your house and it is the basic external part that protects your house as well as you and your loved ones from weather conditions and other external elements. In such instances, pampering your roof every few years with a nice wash, cleaning and damage repair is essential. And who can be better than Repaintpro for roof restorations in Gold Coast. With more than 20 years of experience in home improvement and painting industry, we are your one stop destination for all type of remodeling and restoration projects.

The ever changing environment and extreme climates continuously affect your roof. Thus, it is essential that you get your roof restored regularly. However, usually, home owners wait for a problem to appear before they choose to get it restored. It is important to understand that even a slight damage in roof that can’t seen or evident during the early stage, can be the key cause for a big trouble in coming days. Usually, home owners due to lack of knowledge and understanding fail to see the minor troubles that need repair and such issues when neglected lead to major damages, and to get those repaired you have to dig your pockets really deep. Thus it is recommended that every few years (15-20 years at max) you undertake roof restorations.

We provide comprehensive roof restoration services in Gold Coast and surrounding areas in order to add strength, plug existing holes and repair other forms of extensive damage. We follow an extensive and detailed roof restoration process to ensure durability and longevity. We maintain great quality throughout and use only best quality products.

Affordable Roof Restoration in Gold Coast

REPAINT PRO - Roof Painting & Restorations

We provide an array of services including but not limited to

Roof Repairs

If your leaky roof is giving you a difficult time, then our roof repair services are simply the best for you. We can repair all leaks and other issues with your roof, from cracked cement work to broken tiles and damaged bedding. We can access and fix any issues with your roof as part of our inclusive roof repair services in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Full Roof Restorations

Our team of professionals specializes in full roof restorations, so be assured that your roof will look completely new after we have restored it. We will replace all broken and chipped tiles, pressure clean your roof and replace rusted valley irons. We also re-bed and point all cement work. For cement tiles, we only use the best 3-coat sealing system, which includes sealer, primer and topcoat. We ensure that our services increase the life of your roof and provide you great protection from extreme atmospheric conditions.

New Roofs And Extensions

We also specialize in installing new roofs and provide all types of roof extensions using any tiles of your choice. For your roof extensions, we match the tiles with your existing roof to provide uniform look. In addition, we use sealer, primer and top roof coatings for ultimate protection.

Re-roofing/Roof Replacements

If your roof tiles are brittle and old, you should consider hiring our re-roofing services. As name signifies in roof replacement procedure, we replace all the tiles of your roof. To make it more pocket friendly for you, we also stock second-hand tiles. Depending on your needs and budgetary levels, you can opt for new or the old roof tiles. We need 2 days to one week (depending on the size of your roof), for complete roof replacement.

Roof Re-pointing And Re-bedding

We have experience of re-bedding all misaligned ridge or loose caps, valleys and gables using flexible pointing and change any rusted valley irons. Our re-pointing and re-bedding service includes changing of all cracked and broken tiles using same sizes and profiles.

REPAINT PRO - Roof Painting & Restorations

Pressure Washing

Is your dirty roof affecting the aesthetics of your house? Let us pressure wash your roof for you to remove all rubbish and dirt and make it spotless. We use high pressures in excess of 3500psi to clean properly, totally unlike other roof restoration experts in Gold Coast, who claim 3000psi to 4000psi, but can only run at 2500psi. We will wash and clean your complete roof and do a thorough clean out of gutters. We clean off your roof of all leaves, lichens, moss, weeds and other dirt. Roofs look none less than new roofs after we pressure wash it.

REPAINT PRO - Roof Painting & Restorations

Gold Coast Roof Restorations

We have experience of restoring roofs of all types of residential and commercial buildings in Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas. No matter how big or small, we can customize our roof restoration services according to your needs. All the products we use (sealers, paints etc.) are tested for harsh weather conditions of Gold Coast and guarantee our work for your peace of mind. Our team of roof restoration specialists includes some of the best professionals of Gold Coast. They have the knowledge, experience, skills, patience and everything else which is required to deliver best quality and satisfactory work.

Our services are very reasonably priced and pocket friendly. So, if you have been ignoring the cracks, broken tiles, leaks and number of such roof issues, just because of budgetary issues, then get in contact with us now to get a new like, durable roof at very inexpensive rates.

We are never too busy to discuss your about roof restoration project, so feel free to get in contact with us to know more about our services and skills.


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We would love to be part of your next house, unit or commercial painting project, Call us for a free quote today. Repaint Pro is one of the best stop shop of professional painting service in Gold Coast that enhance the look of the commercial and residential project.