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A sense of drama, style and depth- you get these things by painting 2 tone colors on your walls. Rooms with chair rails, especially provide a great opportunity to create captivating pairing of hues.


The living room will acquire an elegant new look with subtle colors, your bedroom can look grand and your kid’s room can become more colorful and fun with two tones. Some homeowners however are scared that it might create a clashing and unattractive look.


In order to ensure that your two-tones walls will be aesthetically pleasing, keep the below mentioned points in mind.


Choose Neutrals

Generally people think that neutrals are boring, but pairing it with another hue can change the look of your room tremendously, giving it a more elegant look. It also creates new opportunities for a number of options; it will also allow you to add more wall colors without making your space look too cluttered.


Neutrals will mainly add dimension to your room- all without dominating the overall theme and design.


For Top Section use the Lighter Color

Two-toned walls generally look best when the lighter shade is at the top, and the darkest one on top. This will instantly heighten your ceilings. This is not a thumb of rule, however. You can still put the stronger shade at the bottom, if it looks catchier.


If you don’t have a chair rail, you can still hide the seam between the colors with a molding or complementary wallpaper.


Choose Different Shades of Same Color

You can also experiment with one color, just choose two different shades. For example, dark purple on the bottom half can look beautiful when you contrast it with a lilac on top. For a more neutral, elegant and cozy look, choose chocolate brown and warm taupe.


Here the basic rule of thumb is to choose two colors from the same color strip. This ensures that the tones you have chosen will actually look perfect on your walls.


Of course, before actually creating a two-toned wall, mix and match many color swatches. Contact us for different combinations until you find the colors that best match your lifestyle and overall feel of your home.


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