Safety must be the prime concern while getting the exterior of the house painted. Most of the times, house owners neglect the safety and they often end up facing a lot of issues while getting the house painted. The best way to get all the areas of safety covered, is by appointing one of the best painters in Gold Coast who will make sure that they have taken all the precautions while painting the house.

Ladder safety is one of the prime safety concerns that you must not neglect any cost. Ladders are used by the painters to reach the upper parts of the house and so that they could reach the areas more effectively. Ladder is also used by the painters to clean up the roof or the gutter lines. For most of us, it might not be everyday occurrence, but it is always safe to review the steps that make ladder use a little safer.

  • The first and the most basic thing that you need to take care of, is to inspect the ladder that is going to be used for the painting job. If you have your own ladder, then you need to be extra careful before giving it to the painter. The biggest advantage that you have while appointing one of the best painters in Gold Coast is that they carry their own equipments and as they use the ladder a lot to do the exterior painting of the house, you can be sure that their ladder is strong and safe.
  • Due to continuous usage, the steps of the ladder might be slippery and if the ladder that is being used for the job is too slippery, then wrap cloth around the tops of the ladder rails to prevent slipping.
  • If the day is too windy or rainy, then wait for the weather to clear.
  • Always wear non slip footwear for the job.
  • Place the ladder in a correct angle to that it doesn’t slip while climbing up to it. Ideally the ladder should be two to three feet away from the wall.
  • If you are carrying any access items in your pockets then empty them before climbing u the ladder. They might fall from the pocket and could hurt someone who is standing below.
  • Never climb down facing the other side of the wall.
  • Keep your hips between the rails to maintain stability.
  • The ladder must be away from the power lines all the time.
  • Avoid moving too much while you are on the ladder as it could make you lose your balance and you might fall.
  • Always call the best painters in Gold Coast for the painting job so that you get the right safety and peace of mind.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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