Light Colours On The WallsYou can change the overall look of the interiors of the house by right steps of painting. If you have a room that doesn’t get proper light and if you want to make it look airy and bright without too much use of artificial lighting, then using the right shades of paint, you can make it look much bigger. There are many professional painters in Gold Coast who will give you the right guidance about house painting in Brisbane. Before you start with the painting process, you need to be sure that you are using all the right equipments for the job and choosing the best paint and painters for the process.

Here in this article, we are going to suggest you some tips on painting, using which you can make the interiors of the house brighter. Many people tend to use darker shades for the wall and it makes even the big room look small. Darker shades of paint also require more use of light. Here are some of the steps to make a dark room feel bright.

1. Use Light Colours On The Walls

The best way to bring in more light to the room is by the use of lighter shades of colours. Lighter shades reflect more light and it makes the room feel big and airy. Shades like white, cream, off white are the best use for this purpose. Darker shades of colours tend to absorb the light, and you get no reflection from them. The lighter colours on the other hand reflect the sunlight and make the room appear lively. If you are not much of a fan of whiter shades, then you can try pale yellow and a shade of pale green.

The shade of the colour at the ceiling will also affect a lot in the overall appearance of the room. Always ensure that the ceiling is not painted with darker shade as it will cast a shadow in the room.

2. Avoid Deep Colours With Accents

Avoid using too much of colour accent in the room. Many people get the room painted in more than two accents and they use darker shades in one of them. Deep colours make the space look smaller. Always use lighter shades in the accents.

3. Use The Light In A Right Manner

Make the most use of the natural light in the room. Avoid using thick curtains and blinds. When you have a lighter shade of paint, it will reflect more light and use right coverings at the window to keep the room as lighted as possible.

Before getting finalizing painter for your house, get the estimates from more than two painters. Never talk about the details on the phone and call the painter at home to show him the area that needs to be painted. This way, you will have the right estimates. To ensure you get the best house painting in Brisbane, always look for good options before finalizing.

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