Being a painter is an art in itself. As a painter in Gold Coast, you have to maintain professionalism in dealings.  At the same time, ensure that there is no compromise in the  quality of work. We bring to you some of the best-kept secrets of professional painters in Gold Coast which would help you in mastering the art of painting.



Order of Painting

Whenever you start work, it is always advisable that you paint the trim first, followed by ceilings and walls. Painting the trim allows you to concentrate only on the smooth finishing rather than getting trapped in the web of neatness. Expert painters in Gold Coast follow this trick in their work which adds to ease of work and comfort.



Get Rid of Lap Marks

Professional suggests that you start from one end and cover the entire space. To get rid of lap marks ensure that you try to cover the full length in one stroke and keep the edge wet. This would help in getting a perfect and attractive finishing touch to your work. Don’t forget to consider this tip to be an expert painter in Gold Coast.



Masking the Drips

Dripping is one of the most common causes of painting. Using masking tape along with minimizing the chances of dripping not only safeguards your work but also saves from the burden of additional cleaning. To ace, the art of being a painter in Gold Coast, try not to drip!



Taking The First Step Right

Sanding and scraping is the first step of getting an eye-pleasing smooth finishing. As a professional painter in Gold Coast, you must ensure that you take this first step right. Pay adequate attention to the fact that once sanding and scraping are completed you eliminate all kinds of dust or remains of the woodwork.



In-between Sanding

It is important that you hand-sand between coats to avoid any possible bubbles or particles that may have come between the different coatings. Many a time painters think that they have given a perfect touch to their work and do not sand. But some minute particles which aren’t visible immediately are visible afterwards. To be an expert in your work of being a painter in Gold Coast ensure that you do not miss out on this trick. 



Using The Right Roller Cover

Selecting the right cover is significant as it plays an important role in getting the right finish. The appropriate covers also save you from the trouble of additional cleaning. It is always better to go for a wooden mix cover than a woollen one. Masking the new roller covers is also advisable. Next time whenever you go for painting your bit, ensure you follow this trick to master at your work as a painter in Gold Coast.


We hope you will not miss on these less known tricks to master at your work as a professional painter in Gold Coast

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Stephen Lockyer
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