When you call professional Gold Coast painters for repainting your home or office building, he will first do an estimate that what needs to be done and how much work is there. But what has to be considered in that estimate?

Initially, the Gold Coast painter will make a rough estimate of the work that you want him to do. He will ask you what you want, what are your needs, priorities, interests and budget, and he will give you advice. During this stage, the Gold Coast painters will be able to tell you the time frame to complete the work, also they will tell you approximate price and the required materials. If you are comfortable with the approx estimate, the painter will provide you a detailed written contract, which will include all the details he will do with the materials he will use.

Here are a number of things that could be listed in your painting detailed contract:

  • The type of paint used: Would you like to use just eco-friendly paints? Or you are in need of rust proof paint or with low VOC?
  • The materials: For example, the paintbrush used to apply epoxy paint is not reusable, so it is normal that the painter will charge you the price of the paintbrush. The materials included can also be bricks, wood pieces, gypsum, plaster, exterior sliding, vinyl etc.
  • The choice of colors: Are you confused in choosing right colors for your home? Would you like the Gold Coast painter to suggest or test a few colors on your walls before choosing your paint colors?
  • The need for the protection of the area with plastic wraps: Certainly, it is not possible to vacant the home before painting. So, using plastic wraps becomes essential so you can cover the furniture or accents and flooring to prevent them from getting painted.
  • The preparatory task before the painting: Scraping peeling paint, removing the wallpaper, pressure washing, sanding walls, applying primer to seal the surface, covering the cracks and holes in the wall etc.
  • Number of rooms to be painted
  • The doors, window frames, ceilings to be painted
  • The cleaning after the painting
  • What painters are guaranteeing

Additional information:

  • In general, painters provide estimates for free. When you make an appointment with an expert, ensure this meeting won’t be charged before his visit.
  • Get a detailed written contract to avoid any type of confusion
  • Carefully read the contract before signing  For more details, feel free to contact us.
Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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