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Do you ever think about decorating a room from scratch? Just like an artist presented with a blank canvas, the prospect of choosing colors and an aesthetic direction for a room can be daunting. How to get started? Sure, finding inspirational pictures online is a nice start, but what if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Thankfully, designers and residential painting Gold Coast experts have a few ideas you can borrow.


The Color Wheel

It all begins with the color wheel. May be you haven’t seen one of these since years, but colors wheels prove highly helpful when you are choosing colors for your home. In this blog post we will look at three common ways to use a color wheel to come up with a color scheme.



Decorating a room with complementary color is not for people who like to play safe. Complementary colors are the ones that are direct opposites on the color wheel. The extreme contrast in color makes for a very lively and exciting space. Exploring lighter tints of complementary colors will give you a fantastic looking room, and is perfect choice for nurseries or children’s rooms where pastels are more ordinary.



Working with one color and choosing subtle variations of tone, shade and tint can be an interesting way to create a cohesive look without complicating the decorating process. This color scheme works effectively for the color shy, but can also be a great way to celebrate a favorite color that may be really bold.



In order to create this type of scheme, choose a color you like from the color wheel and then look to either side of it for your additional colors. Like monochromatic schemes you can vary tone, shade and tint to create an interesting, multi-layered effect. Rooms decorated with analogous colors can look soothing when lighter tints are used. However, for a more lively look, use more saturated versions of colors.


Working With Color Scheme Of Your Choice

One key thing to remember when choosing a color scheme is that your options are not limited to only 1-3 colors. Wooden tones, black and white all act as neutral elements in a room. You can work with neutral colors in as much or as little as you want with your colors of choice.


Once you have chosen your perfect color scheme a residential painting Gold Coast expert can help you transform your home into the abode of your dreams. If you live in Gold Coast area, contact us for your estimate today and learn how we can turn your decorating ideas into reality.


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