When it comes to selecting a suitable colour option for your living room that is both stylish and elegant looking, then many house owners gets confused which shade to go for. People also end up painting the living room in too bright shades, and they look really good for the first few months and after that, it starts to look too flashy or too out of the line. That is why, when it comes to interior and exterior painting of the house, you must choose a shade that is subtle, and renders a very amazing look to the house. The colour Gray is in more current trend right now and can be more interesting than tan. As many of the houses have tan coloured furniture, the colour gray is the perfect choice for the living room. Even if you have used a lighter shade for exterior painting, it will go elegantly well with the same.

  • Neutral Tone

Gray offers you a very neutral tone that goes almost every design theme that you have in the house. Be it furniture and other design inserts, you can be sure that gray is matching perfectly well with all of them. Going with a neutral tone like gray can keep things from clashing and you can have a differentiation in the living room as well as in the other rooms of the house as well. If you have a patterned pillows and cushions and deep coloured furniture, then you can very well match them all with the colour gray without worrying too much about the entire look of the house.

  • Gray Can Handle a Few Scuffs

When it comes to exterior painting, you need to keep lot of factors in mind considering the fact that the shade should match with the rest of the them, but while painting the interiors of the house, you can choose a shade that is subtle, lets more light in to the house and makes the room appear brighter. White and pale yellow are too main stream choices and this is where the colour gray fits in perfectly. If you have kids in the house who are constantly scratching and marking the walls, then gray is the perfect choice for you.

  • For Every Season

Gray colour is perfect for every season. Be it the bright sunny days or dark rainy evenings, you can be sure that it creates a very positive environment in the house. In the summer the bright afternoons may feel overpowering, as gray helps to reflect lot of light. Gray fits in perfectly between the dark and the cool tones and strikes a right balance where you get a shade that is both calm and elegant to the eyes. The moderate mid range tone of the colour gray renders your room mellow even in bright light, without being oppressively dark.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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