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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in every home. Everybody wants to have a neat and beautiful kitchen. If you are looking for a kitchen makeover, then painting your kitchen cabinets is a great idea. It will make a huge difference in the way that your kitchen looks. In this way, you will be able to achieve a new look for your kitchen on a limited budget.


Painting your kitchen cabinets could be a tiring job. A professional would be able to do it better for multiple reasons. We at Commercial Painters Gold Coast could help you achieve the same without costing you a fortune.


Here are the tips you need to consider

Share Ideas

Talk to your family to find out their preferred color options. Since the entire family spends time mostly in the kitchen more than any other rooms, sharing ideas will help you create a beautiful kitchen atmosphere that is cherished by everyone. We at painters gold coast could help you provide the best options to choose from according to your preferences.


Choose a color that matches with your appliances:


You have to consider this tip before you decide upon painting your kitchen cabinets. It can even make or break the appearance of the kitchen.


Stencil Something

One incredible way to freshen up the look of your kitchen cabinets is with stenciling. Not only that stenciling is inexpensive; it even allows you to express your creativity with your kitchen cabinets. If you have decided on a pattern to stencil onto your kitchen cabinets, it would be better if you use a small design. Larger designs look loud and dramatic.


Once painted, prime them before sanding:


Once the kitchen cabinets got painted, prime them before sanding as this is considered more beneficial. Then you need to get it repainted.


Sanding and scuffing the surface of the cabinet is an important task and should be done even before applying the single coat paint.


If you decide to go on with painting your kitchen cabinets, you need to make sure to remove all the hardware including hinges, doorknobs, screws and everything that shuts the door. You need to organize them and mark with numbers beneath. Sand them thoroughly and clean the surface every time after you sand so that no residue is left. Then prime it and start with a single coat paint. Sand the rough spots and then go with the next coat. Let them dry. Maintain a wet edge while painting as it gives a smooth finished look to your cabinets. Let them dry and then put your cabinets back in place after cleaning all the hardware which you have earlier removed.


Doing it all by yourself could take a lot of time. However, hiring a professional would be a better choice if you want a perfect finish for your kitchen cabinets. We at House Painters Gold Coast are available to make your kitchen look eye-pleasing. We advise you on the best options possible and give your kitchen a perfect makeover.


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