It is very common for hallways to get overlooked during interior painting projects, but with unique paint ideas or a fresh coat of paint, you can make your hallway stand out. It is true that every hallway is different, but here are a few effective tricks to assist infuse new life in your upstairs hallway.


Usually people find it confusing to decide whether to paint complete hallway in a single color or not. But, the decision is easy, because at the end of the day it is your home and you can style it the way you want. Besides, by painting your long hallway in a single color you can create a calming atmosphere. You can either opt for neutral colors or chose a bright color. However, usually people prefer neutral colors for hallways as they reflect light creating well illuminated space.


There are various ways to paint a long hallway to make the walk down the hall a little lovelier. You can try shades of pastel green on the trim and walls to turn a boring walk into a lively stroll in your house. If you wish to create a dramatic look, try using dark colors on the walls along with a white trim, this will make your hallway stand out from the typical pale color by adding a sense of curiosity.


When painting small hallways be very careful, as they can seem claustrophobic, especially when paint is not chosen wisely. Adding wide stripes can improve the feel of the hallway and create a more open and welcoming atmosphere. Ragging paint technique works effectively in case of upstairs hallway. This paint technique can turn a boring traditional hallway into a chic, rich design with creative pastel colors.


Another great idea to change the personality of your hallway is to give doors throughout your hallway a new and appealing look, instead of painting the walls and trims. With vibrant colors like bright green on all the doors in your hallway you can create an exciting and fun atmosphere that expresses your ability to think outside the box and create an exceptional design.


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