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Many people have really tough time finding a reliable Painter Gold Coast. Painters don’t answer their phones, never show up on time, delay project and overall just frustrate customers. Customers are left feeling like they are not important for the contractor. Whereas, a customer must receive excellent service and their needs must be handled efficiently. So, how do you find a contractor that will make your painting project a smooth experience by taking care of your needs and budget? Below are a few important things to keep in mind:


  • Listen to Your Gut
    Whether, you have a good feeling or a bad one, listen to it. A low cost mean nothing, if your project is progressing slowly and the quality of the work is miserable. In many cases, home owners have to take the painting project in their own hands to finish it on time.
  • Do You Feel Like the Painter Values you
    The best way to know if the painter values you is to look for a few things like: punctuality, preparation during the appointment and the plan to manage your project. If they don’t show up on time for the estimate or they are unorganized and ill prepared for the appointment and have no plans for your interior or exterior painting project, then you can guess how efficient they will be during the project.
  • Did They Give a Clear and Detailed Estimate
    Your estimate should be detailed, with all the things that your contractor will do for you. Also, it should list the products they will use and the options that you requested. You received the estimate in a timely way or you had to wait weeks to get it?
  • Products are Important
    Make sure they have listed the name of the products in the estimate. The contractor should be using high-quality products; low-cost, poor-quality products only save you money momentarily. Cheaper products will mean the paint will soon start looking old and deteriorated. You are investing in the beauty of your home; make sure the painter Gold Coast uses best-quality products.
  • Check their License, Insurance and Warranty
    If the contractor fails to give you any of these in writing, they should be disqualified immediately. You want someone who runs an established business as well as ensures to protect you at the same time.
  • Check Previous Jobs and Client Testimonials
    This may sound obvious, but many people overlook this major step. Go, take a look at their work, if it looks smooth and perfect, you safely can assume your project will too. Take a look at their reviews online. An established company generally shares client testimonials on its website.

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Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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